Video of the new Zune HD in action, courtesy of Gizmodo

On the news today is this blog post from the Seattle PI about how the folks at Gizmodo got a demo of the new Zune HD, "Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iPod Touch, set to be released this fall". Zune HD Video Hands On from Gizmodo on Vimeo. Very cool. I do think that there is…


Advisory: 30GB Zune issues noted today, related to time and the leap year

First it was questions about whether or not we’d have to worry about the coming Leap Second, then today after our power came back on, customer questions about the Zune 30. As we have a couple of Zune 30s in our home going strong, I was surprised to see a post on the Zune Insider…


Random quotes from 2008: from our resident seven year old on pop music

To start my collection of random quotes, I offer this from one seven-year-old boy at the end of the new movie Iron Man just as the closing credits rolled. It’s a testament to his proficiency on Guitar Hero and eclectic music library: "Is that Black Sabbath?  I love Ozzy Osborne."   That’s what you get…


MSN Music continues to support authorization, new license keys through end of 2011

As I break for lunch, this MSN Music note (pardon the pun) on Microsoft will continue to support MSN Music DRM: this from letters to MSN Music customers… On April 22, Microsoft notified you that as of August 31st, 2008, we would be changing the level of support for music purchased from MSN Music, and…


$2 per month and other reasons why I’m leaving Blockbuster for Netflix

Thinking about a great last-minute gift that doesn’t require going to the mall or waiting for the FedEx driver to find your house?  Give a subscription to a DVD-by-mail service. Better, give a Netflix subscription.  This from a for-the -moment Blockbuster Online subscriber. Here’s the full story. I like the ability to go online to…


Of interest: Local news and blogs provide details on new Zunes

Of interest today as I’m home sick (cough-sneeze)… King 5 news reports (from the AP) on the new, redesigned Zunes… a family still with FM radio and wireless sharing, but with a larger hard disc and (finally) with flash-memory… “Microsoft Corp. took the wraps off its second-generation digital music players Tuesday, showing three new Zunes…


Friday Humour: Spinal Tap’s set from Live Earth

Yes, I am a Spinal Tap fan for many years. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the band perform live in concert and (!) met them in person. Now here’s their clip from Live Earth on MSN: Click on all three clips in the left-hand nav. Enjoy. Tags: Spinal Tap, Friday Link, humour.


MTV Networks on the SharePoint Customer Evidence Site

This from Kristian Kimbro Rickard’s blog on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (aka MOSS)… SharePoint Customer Evidence Site ( “Need some customer evidence to share with your customers about what our customers are doing with SharePoint? Here’s a site that consolidates everything. Great ones for Enterprise Search, MOSS 2007 for ECM, MOSS 2007 for automating business processes, etc.”  …


BusinessWeek’s Wildstrom says the Sansa Connect is slick

Stephen H. Wildstrom of BusinessWeek applauds the new SanDisk Sansa Connect in this article, calling it a “slick Wi-Fi music player.” This new device integrates Yahoo’s subscription music service… “The $250 Sansa Connect is the result of a collaboration among SanDisk, Yahoo!, and Zing Systems, which is responsible for the software and network infrastructure. The Connect,…