What I do at Microsoft: It’s all about the customer

I was asked yesterday, “what the heck do you do at Microsoft these days?” That was a follow up to a friend seeing a post in Computerworld that I’d missed, which was interesting as I was calling out the importance of numbers in names… as I have one in mine (hence the emoticon, which Gregg…


Microsofties: When it comes to Tweeting, be thoughtful

For all you ‘softies a reminder: please watch what you tweet and share in the social mediashpere about meetings or any Microsoft event. I posted this about tweeting: remember to be thoughtful.  And did this one over the summer… Always nice to catch up on industry news from good folks like Mary Jo Foley, just…


Top 10 little known Microsoft facts

A little fun on the shuttle today, via Twitter… Top 10 little known Microsoft facts: # 10: There is no building 7, but Devs like to schedule meetings with new PMs there # 9: Xbox was originally “Microsoft Interactive Audio Video Multiformat Entertainment System 2000” 😉 # 8: Microsoft’s leadership in tech slogan, code-named t-shirts…


World IPv6 Day and Windows

 Christopher Palmer from the Windows Networking Team has a great post out on some more detail on our support for World IPv6 Day coming June 8…   To ensure that these issues are avoided, the Internet is transitioning to the new protocol, Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). IPv6 offers a tremendous number of unique addresses –…


Satya Nadella: the new president in Microsoft’s Server & Tools Business

News today: we have a new president in the Server & Tools Business: Satya Nadella, a respected technical leader here at the company (as noted here: http://bit.ly/i5ovIb). Satya moved from MBS to the Online Services Division to head up the engineering division there, which includes Bing, MSN and AdCenter (our advertising platform). Satya Nadella hasn’t…


Your questions: What the heck are you doing at Microsoft and what is CPE?

I was asked today: "just what are you doing at Microsoft these days? And what is this CPE thing I read about" More of the same actually, as I originally noted here. (As well as this humourous look.) In short, I work with product and services groups across the company to improve satisfaction with our…


How to sync files like notes and tasks on your Windows Phone 7

As I noted in my post with tips on moving from an iPhone to a new Windows Phone 7, I also touched on how to sync several files – namely notes. A number of folks asked how to sync notes and files with your new Windows Phone 7.  There are different ways to sync files on…


Up for auction: Halo’s Master Chief costume for the Microsoft Giving Campaign 2010

The Giving Campaign Auction is in full swing, and I’ve posted an item in time for Halloween: a kid’s Master Chief costume! (folks at Microsoft should search for auction item 3365.) Last year I offered a number of cool items that netted quite a bit for the Giving Campaign. (http://bit.ly/2Wh2Gw) This year I’ve been busy…


When it comes to Tweeting, be thoughtful

As noted in my posts Surviving TechReady 11 in Seattle and from MGX Atlanta 2010… ‘Nuff said: Credit goes to hongkiat for the blue bird image. Tags: Microsoft, Atlanta, MGX, travel tips. Bookmark this on Delicious Also available at http://bit.ly/a3oVXH