Shuttle rides, waiting for meetings, and other places: articles and posts I’ve read

On Shuttle rides, my WindowsPhone keeps me in touch and busy… And it tells me where my next ride is. What it allows me to do is to catch up on articles of interest and Tweet or post about what I’m reading. (And when I’m waiting in someone’s office for their meeting and I know…


Microsoft on standards, behind the scenes building Windows 8, and more of what I’ve read this week

A few links of interest today… a quick post as I need to get through my email. Busy week. With Valentines around the corner, I particularly enjoyed these 16 things Calvin & Hobbes said better than anyone else via @moorehn Thanks to Larry Hryb (aka @majornelson) we’re reminded what happens to the losing team’s…


The time has come to move on… to Windows 7 (especially if you’re still on Windows XP)

It’s time to make a move away from Windows… Windows XP that is. As Rich Reynolds noted in his post on the Windows team blog commemorating Windows XP this week… “We’ve been talking a lot about the anniversary of Windows XP and how much technology and business have changed since a decade ago when it…


Announcement: Microsoft webcasts on DST changes in Russia: Oct 3rd & 6th

We’re doing another series of webcasts next week to help customers and organizations preparing for daylight saving time, particularly the new changes in Russia this year. This is part of our “step-by-step” program on making the DST transition. Geared toward IT Professionals, we’ll walk through a general overview of DST and the impacts and solutions…


Announcement: Microsoft webcast on daylight saving time changes in Russia

[Update 9/19/2010: The materials from our webcast, along with a recording of the webcast itself, are now available here.] Here’s an interesting webcast we have coming up this week… We’re also offering a series of new webcasts to help customers and organizations preparing for daylight saving time, particularly the new changes in Russia this year….


Whatever the case: Be prepared

So, this post has nothing to do with our technology, but as any IT Pro knows, you have to be prepared for just about anything. From time to time, I offer other advice that will hopefully ring true, and I think that this is such a case. Following the recent events in New Zealand and…


More thoughts on The Microsoft Garage Science Fair

A shout out to Steve Clayton’s post last week, looking at "What’s hot at Microsoft’s Science Fair?" as he covered The Microsoft Garage Science Fair… "It’s fair time at Microsoft – Tech Fest is on the horizon and our Product Fair follows a little later in the year. I’ll be following (and blogging) about each…


Looking for Windows Phone 7 apps? Try Bing Visual Search Gallery

As I noted in a post yesterday in a few tips on what to know about moving to a new Windows Phone 7, there are a number of apps available for the platform – with many of the apps I’ve been using over the last couple of years. But I was wondering how to look…


Is that really an email from the EFPTS? Don’t get caught buy a phishing attempt

 So, you may be asking yourself: why is the EFTPS contacting me? And who the heck is EFTPS? It’s likely a phishing atempt. The EFPTS is a service offered free by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to help business and individual taxpayers conveniently pay all their federal taxes electronically (as noted on their website). This…


Andy Grove: On Innovation, Manufacturing

  This week I discussed with associates at work how Andy Grove is right: if lose manufacturing capability & understanding and you break the chain of experience & innovation (as posted here on BusinessWeek).  The article from Grove hit quite a chord with people in business, particularly tech. So much is gleaned from the act…