Another look at the impact of the coming 2015 leap second on Microsoft products (not much)

A month from now, we should be looking back at the press that decried the coming Leap Second (caps my own) as a veritable Y2K and wondering “what was all that about?” As I’ve shared previously (see “What’s all this about the Leap Second”) I’ve learned quite a bit about how Microsoft products and services…


Available now: December 2014 cumulative time zone update for Windows operating systems

Is it December already? That means that holiday treat we know at the December cumulative time zone update for Windows operating systems is out, available as kb 3013410. As noted, this update replaces the previous August 2014 CU 2981580 and includes all the time zone and daylight saving time changes released as hotfixes since then,…


Windows Updates for New Russia Time Zones Now Available

As I highlighted last month, the Windows team in OSG have supported the new Russian time zone changes. What with the changes to the Ruble symbol and now the eleven new time zones and move away from daylight saving time, perhaps I should rename my blog… As noted, the target release date was September 23,…


Microsoft Account Gets More Secure with Two Factor Authorization

ICYMI, your Microsoft Account will get more secure as the team rolls out a new upgrade which includes two-step verification, as noted on the Bing newswire. This will improve the security of the devices and services currently used by more than 700 million people worldwide, including Windows PCs, Phones, Xboxes, and services like, SkyDrive and Skype….


RSS feed reader blues? Get your feed in Microsoft Outlook and Office 365

ICYMI, Google Reader, Google Voice App for Blackberry, Google Cloud Connect, and Snapseed Desktop are shutting down. Hilarity ensued on the Internet with the melt down on social media over the change. As Danny Sullivan noted here, "Google should have done better by Google Reader & Google users than to bury its closure in a…


Ready to Spring Forward and lose some sleep? Daylight Saving Time 2013 Arrives Sunday

  First off: the first rule of Daylight Saving Time is that there is no Daylight Saving Time (in Hawaii or a few parts of North America). The Second rule of Daylight Saving Time is that there is only one “S” in the term “Daylight Savings Time.”  Yes, that’s right: daylight saving time (aka DST) is here…


It’s Time To Fall Back An Hour in the US and Canada: Daylight Saving Time Ends This Sunday

How quickly time flies, seems like just yesterday we were Springing Forward (way back on Sunday, March 11). Yes, it’s that time again if you’ll pardon the pun, to fall back in much of the Northern Hemisphere. Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, November 4, 2012 at 2:00AM local time in much of the U.S…


Your Questions: "What do you think about Windows 8? Which one should I get?"

I’m very excited today with the release of Windows 8. It’s been nice to see the positive press on the new OS release, and to connect with friends with questions about the latest version of Windows. As an example of the mails I’ve received, one was from one of my friends from a past life…


Update: No immediate plans in Russia to return to Winter Time in 2012

A few days ago I mentioned the discussion that Russia may return to Winter Time in 2012. I now have news that legislative initiative of the State Duma Health Committee to switch Russia back to the “winter time” has been withdrawn. As such, we don’t believe there will be any near-term change to Russia’s time…


Advisory: Russia’s possible return to Winter Time in 2012

Earlier this summer we received news reports that the Russian government was considering a move to Winter Time, changing their prior decree in 2011 to abolish Daylight Saving Time in the federation.  At that time, we weren’t certain the government would make this change. Recent news confirms there is a move in government to revise…