Update available for Microsoft Office OneNote for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iOS

Remember the new release of Microsoft Office OneNote for Apple's iPhone, iPad and iOS?

Benoit Barabe reminded me of the  1.0.1 update released which addresses the error 400 some users experienced. Still US only for now, but everyone who has 1.0 should get the free upgrade to 1.0.1.

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OneNote on Windows Phone 7, OneNote on Apple iPhone

Also available via http://bit.ly/dZ8SmX

Comments (3)
  1. Rob says:

    So when will Microsoft start caring about the rest of the world and release apps like this to everyone?  

  2. This is great news about the update available for Microsoft office oneNote for Apple iphone, and a very good reminder too. As this oneNote is very handy

  3. Michael says:

    the app on the ipad is laughable.  

    If microsoft had a "usable" tablet, then we might not be in this predicament…alas…

    acn you please make an ipad app (or a tablet)

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