Announcement: Microsoft Windows December 2010 Updates to Daylight Saving Time and Time Zones

Check out Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 2443685, “December 2010 cumulative time zone update for Windows operating systems”, which the Windows team just posted.  This is the December Daylight Saving Time and Time Zone (DST & TZ) Cumulative Update (CU), and the current KB/blog text focuses on the less common changes, such as adding the timezone for Magadan.   The…


Your questions: "Where do I go for help with my Windows Phone?" Here’s a link

Wondering where to turn to contact Microsoft Customer Support? See my post on where to turn to contact Microsoft Customer Support. But if you’re looking for support on Windows Phone, first visit the, as I noted in my post with tips on moving from an iPhone to a new Windows Phone. There’s also the…


Dude, where’s my Windows Phone? Found it, with Windows Live

My favourite feature in Windows Phone is actually more than one feature: the features to help you find a lost phone. Tonite I misplaced my phone. You have kids, you know what I’m talking about, dragging who-knows-what in from who-knows-where. And invariably, the phone gets misplaced or set somewhere in the mad dash of being a parent….


Link: How to change your name on Facebook (well, we’ll see)

Has facebook made you change your name to something other than your name? Recently, an automated system on Facebook demanded that I change my name, after having provided details to them previously verifying my name. ” “The name contains invalid characters.” Really? It’s not like my name is M& or M*. Or Mr. Mxyzptlk, ‘tho…


Wondering where to turn to contact Microsoft Customer Support?

Wondering where to turn to contact Microsoft Customer Support? I’ve been asked this a couple of times today, so I thought I’d include a couple of helpful links: Microsoft KB 295539: How and when to contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support To make sure you receive the appropriate support information for your location, select your…


Just a thought on WikiLeaks, author Dan Brown and 256-bit encryption keys

Interesting how the WikiLeaks news . This from The Washington Post article, from Anthony Faiola “Julian Assange, the founder of the WikiLeaks Web site whose release of sensitive U.S. documents on the Internet has generated outrage and embarrassment in official circles, was denied bail Tuesday after he was arrested by British police on a Swedish warrant for…


Stand Up for your health at the office

Today as the weather starts to turn rainy and cold again, I was reminded to focus on good health and being more physical in an environment that may not always allow it. Someone asked in a meeting in my office yesterday why I have a standing desk. Good question, I answered. Not a Microsoft interview…