Links to Microsoft Windows Live support pages and team blogs

I have no intention of leading you astray this April 1, although I am happy to point you to this past article in which I answered your questions on how I work at the office.

As I noted in my post about the kick-off of Microsoft Answers beta and Windows Live Help, I though that it would be good to also include a link to the brief lists of of various support pages.

Microsoft Windows Live Help links (also available at &…

And here's a brief list of our Microsoft Windows Live team blogs (also available via

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Comments (3)

  1. Just really a pointer to the great resources on the mthree blog for getting support for Windows Live

  2. Sie suchen Hilfe für Ihren MSN Hotmail Account? Sie haben Ihr Passwort für den Live Messenger vergessen?

  3. M3 Sweatt says:

    v Danke, Dariusz, for noting the links to help for MSN Hotmail accounts and password assistance for Live Messenger 😉

    Fur informationen zu Microsoft Windows und Windows Live in Deutschland, besuchen Sie

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