Windows Mobile My Phone (no, it’s not "MyPhone") beta site debuts. Sign up soon available soon?

I just saw that the new Microsoft Windows Mobile "My Phone" site (or is it myPhone? 😉 went live…

My Phone"Coming soon... Microsoft My Phone syncs information between your mobile phone and the web, enabling you to:

  • Back up and restore your phone's information to a password-protected web site
  • Access and update your contacts and appointments through your web account
  • Share photos on your phone with family and friends"

You can find out more here, but no word yet that I've seen publicly on when you can register for the beta.

Should be interesting.  With 200 MB of free storage available on the Microsoft My Phone web site, I wonder if you'll be able to tap into LiveMesh and online storage via SkyDrive. If a phone synchronization results in exceeding the My Phone limit, it would be handy to enable "overdraft protection" on SkyDrive.

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Comments (3)

  1. nickmac says:

    I’m hoping it leverages mesh and/or skydrive… would be annoying to introduce _another_ technology when we can leverage what we have…

  2. M3 Sweatt says:

    Yes, I agree with you.

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