Your questions: Where’s the best place to look online for support on Microsoft products?

Once again, I received the following question on support...

"I just installed Service Pack 3 for [Windows] XP.  Where's the best place to look online for support on Microsoft products?"

(thanks, Shawn and Paul)

For Technical Support on Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3), please visit the SP3 support site.  If you applied the SP3, you are entitled to free unlimited installation and compatibility support for Windows XP SP3, valid until April 14, 2009. (Visit the page for more info on service options and the policy).

For all other Windows XP issues, visit the Help and Support site at Help and Support site, and then choose your product.

imageAnd the best place to start for any technical support issue, try starting here on the Microsoft Support site to choose your product.  That will take you to the main page (at right), where you can select a product to see what assisted support options are available. 

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    Patrick Marshall has a weekly column in the The Seattle Times where he answers reader questions "about

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