What I’ve read: A look at the reading pile for the week

Quick post between meetings that I wrote up before the kids headed off to school today… a week’s worth articles from the reading file for you. As noted these are all (for the most part, Nov 20-30) available for download, making it easy to read the files off-line. Have a good weekend. The customer and the…


David Pogue delivers his review of the new Zune

A quick update before I head off to deliver a presentation… David Pogue delivers his review of the new Zune in his review Microsoft gets better at carrying a Zune (International Herald Tribune).  He said that “the Zune has come a long way, with built-in FM radio and wireless autosyncing.” “Microsoft might finally be getting…


Venezuela’s time zone shifts at 3:00AM on December 9, news reports say

Update on Venezuela: as noted previously in my post News: Venezuela to change to a new time zone on December 9, the change to the Venezuelan time zone takes effect officially at 3:00AM local time on Dec 9th. As Jorge Lopez reminded me, the news articles we have seen thus far state that the change occurs at…


HP MediaSmart EX475 Windows Home Server review

Per my poster yesterday on the new Windows Home Server, there is a good, initial review of the HP MediaSmart Home Server model EX475 from Terry Walsh on the UK site http://www.wegotserved.co.uk (the self affirmed Windows Home Server Site). As noted by Philip Churchill on in his post on mswhs.com, “this is one of the most comprehensive reviews…


Your questions: What’s the difference between a Windows PC and the new Windows Home Server?

I received this question (thanks, Mark) about the new HP MediaSmart Home Server… “What’s the difference between my current PC (with Windows Vista) and the new Windows Home Server from HP?” Good question.  As noted on our site, Windows Home Server is software that enables families with multiple PCs to easily connect their digital experiences,…


December Cumulative 2008 Daylight Saving Time and Time Zone Update for Windows Released

Thanks to a note from the hard working folks in Windows Sustained Engineering (!), I’m happy to announce that the 2008 Cumulative Time Zone Update for Windows has just been released to the Microsoft Download Center for currently supported Windows Operating Systems (including Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista). This update can be…


Slate: how to get a refund on Amazon and other helpful customer service info

Back from a long weekend of Thanksgiving merry making and Black Friday weekend shopping… Leave it to a new article on Slate.com to help me get a refund when I see the price drop on that new widget or whachamacallit that I just purchased on Amazon… Timothy Noah, tired of companies hiding from their customers—by…


News: Venezuela to change to a new time zone on December 9

We have reports (thanks, Jose!) that Venezuela will move to a newly created time zone, shifting by 30 minutes to -4:30h UTC on December 9th. For those of you keeping score, that’s at least the seventh change to the start date. According to news reports on the official Venezuelan government news site, (see http://www.windowslivetranslator.com/BV.aspx?MKT=en-US&lp=es_en&a=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.abn.info.ve%2Fgo_news5.php%3Farticulo%3D111435%26lee%3D7 for…


Your questions: "How do I archive mail in Microsoft Outlook?"

Lisa and Jeannie asked… “How do we archive our mail in Outlook?” Look no further than Microsoft Office Online website for more info on how to file or archive your e-mail on your own computer. “Learn the different Microsoft Outlook methods for storing e-mail on your own computer. Understand their benefits so that you can…


Turning down the spam comments on my blog

Just a quick note that I am reducing the timeframe for comments as I’m getting way too much spam comments on older posts.  If you have a specific comment, feel free to use the “email me” feature in the left-hand nav.