Windows Vista and Windows Live videos… on YouTube

This is too much… Duncan Riley on TechCrunch reports that Microsoft marketing is using YouTube To promote Vista & Live, and left page comments open. “The content itself isn’t all that exciting, but they do demonstrate various positive aspects of Vista and Live that viewers may not be aware of. The more interesting aspect is…


Great customer service on a snowy, Sunday afternoon… and they called me

This afternoon whilst on vacation (and yes, the kids were accessing the Internet after playing in the snow) we had a problem with the DSL connection at the house.  Of course, it necessitated a reset of the DSL modem and wiped the account info and password to the ISP. Great.  I could imagine the cries…


Argentina is changing their daylight saving time: Dec 30th

  This past week, the government of Argentina approved a new change to their observance of daylight saving time in the country effective this Sunday, December 30, 2007 at 12:00am to March 16th, 12:00 for Argentina. (I cross posted this to the DST and Time Zone blog on this post whilst on holidays…) According to…


What I’ve read this week (Christmas Eve)

Remember, there are still .6 shopping days ’til Christmas. Need some conversation starters for your holiday get-togethers? Here are a couple of my favourite strange and funny news stories to help get you started, along with a reading list of things I’ve read.  Start with MSN Search, Comcast odd news and Weird News.  Think of…


$2 per month and other reasons why I’m leaving Blockbuster for Netflix

Thinking about a great last-minute gift that doesn’t require going to the mall or waiting for the FedEx driver to find your house?  Give a subscription to a DVD-by-mail service. Better, give a Netflix subscription.  This from a for-the -moment Blockbuster Online subscriber. Here’s the full story. I like the ability to go online to…


Happy holidays

Happy holidays to readers and those of you who stumbled upon my blog.   In this holiday season, I trust that you are able to the time with your friends and family: please remember that time is a precious thing. Never waste it.


Bill Gates outlines the skills you need to succeed… which includes listening to customers and partners

Thanks to sriram over on channel8 for a pointer to this article from Bill Gates on “The skills you need to succeed.” This is an article written by Bill Gates himself for the BBC Service, Related BBC Report may be found here: “This article by Mr. Gates highlights the needs of the workplace. The…


An unexpected letter from Santa Claus at the North Pole just arrived

Yes, children, there is a Santa Claus. A couple of weeks ago, our youngest son wrote a brief letter to Santa Claus, outlining what he wanted most for Christmas. His list consists of a single toy, and he said that he wanted to send it to Santa’s workshop for consideration this holiday.  So we gave…


Your questions: "How should I back up my new Windows Vista computer?"

Lynn asks… “We just got a new PC at home, and we moved all of our old files to it.  How should I back up my new Windows Vista computer?” First, check out the information on the Windows Backup and Restore Center page: in Windows Vista, this is one way to manage computer backup and…


Microsoft joins the AIA on Accessibility Efforts

Interesting article in eweek this week by Darryl Taft on how Microsoft has joined up with other technology companies to “collaborate on creating IT products for the disabled.” More on the new Accessibility Interoperability Alliance can also be found here in this PR, noting the four projects that they will initially work on: Consistent keyboard…