"How can I find out if my PC is compatible with Windows Vista?"

The New York TimesTechnology section has an article online today "On the Horizon: A Vista Upgrade." In it, the author provides some answers to the question: How can I find out if my current computer hardware (including my scanner and printer) will be compatible with the coming Windows Vista system? Will this be as simple as merely downloading new drivers?

From the article...

"If you are holding off on any hardware purchases until after your Vista upgrade, Microsoft recently announced that about 250 hardware and software products for sale this holiday season will be labeled “Works with Windows Vista” or “Certified for Windows Vista.” Products with the “Works” label will work fine with Vista, but “certified” products (including some graphics cards), will be able to take better advantage of certain Vista features.

If you are planning on installing Windows Vista on your current computer, you can check to see if your hardware can handle Vista’s system requirements at www.windowsvista.com/getready."  

Many PC OEMs (like Dell, HP, IBM, Gateway, Toshiba, Sony...), third party manufacturers and software makers are beginning to list the products that are compatible with Windows Vista. To check your current PC, you can evaluate your current PC with the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor.

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  1. todd brooks says:

    Ok, so I download the advisor, install it and run it.  It then proceeds to tell me that I don’t have an internet connection and it can’t contact the web service.

    Intersting, because as it is telling me this, I’m posting this comment.

    While online.

  2. M3 Sweatt says:

    Hmmm… that’s strange. I just successfully downloaded the WindowsVistaUpgradeAdvisor.msi from the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor RC page (http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/getready/upgradeadvisor/default.mspx). It was a little slow this evening, but it worked. And I successfully installed and ran the app. Make sure that your firewall allows the application to access the Internet – I saw a notice from OneCare pop-up that the firewall allowed the app.

    It could also mean that the service is receiving too many requests, as one error msg I’ve seen instructs you to try again later.

  3. Satisfy Me says:

    Yesterday I recommended the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor in my post "How can I find out if my PC is

  4. M3 Sweatt says:

    Update: Well, I spoke with the Upgrade Advisor team (thanks, guys) and they gave me the following advice: if you have problems connecting to the web service during the scan, please carry out the following steps:

    1. Launch Internet Explorer

    2. Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings

    3. Select option for “Proxy Server” and use address field: “itgproxy” with Port: 80

    4. Check option to “Bypass proxy server for local address”

    5. Click “OK” twice, and re-launch VUA to initiate the scan

  5. Satisfy Me says:

    I was asked via email this week a couple of times for myopinion on whether consumers should upgrade their

  6. ddt says:

    hrm… just downloaded & ran the Upgrade Advisor RC (build 1.~.309), and it’s telling me that it "encountered an error while scanning your devices.  If the problem persists, you can uninstall Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor and reinstall the latest version."

    i know this is only an RC of the VUA, so i guess i’m wondering: what does this error mean, and do i need a Compatibility Wizard for the Upgrade Advisor?  

    i’m really eager to load Vista but a vague error like this barely 10sec into the scan is a bit disheartening…

    any info or tips you could provide would be great… thx

  7. M3 Sweatt says:

    I had this issue a month or so ago and the advice I received from teh VUA team was to uninstall and reinstall the latest version. That — and setting my itgproxy with Port: 80 as noted above — seemed to fix the problem.

  8. himself says:

    "encountered an error while scanning your devices.  If the problem persists, you can uninstall Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor and reinstall the latest version."

    OK, this IS the latest version.

  9. aja24 says:

    I downloaded VUA and after several attempts to run the programme, I kept getting the following message:

    Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor encountered an error while scanning your system. If the problem persists, you can uninstall Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor and reinstall the latest version.

    I have tried everything suggested on this forum to correct the error, but nothing has worked. I keep getting the same message about 2 minutes into the scan.

    It worked when I first ran the scan, but on further scans, the error message appears.

  10. Helper1 says:

    To fix the error mentioned above simply go to start then run type "write"

    wordpad will open copy paste below

    start with "start;" finish with "end"

    Begin copy




    End copy

    save as hostrs.msw to

    C:Documents and SettingsComputerLocal SettingsTemp(hostrs.msw)

    this is where the data is stored for

    VUA you may also delete any files containing "VUA" dont worry this are only temporary and will not affect the app they may even fix your problem do not attemp to run the file hostrs.msw VUA will recognize it and go on about its business but without error (hopefuly)

  11. Percy Turner says:

    I am receiving the above error as well when I attempt to scan my desktop using VUA. Everytime I attempt to run VUA it errors out with the following error "Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor encountered an error while scanning your system.  If the problem persist you can uninstall Windows VUA.  I’ve copied the above instructions and cleared the temp directory to no avail.  have there been any other updates to this error.  I’ve attempted to run VUA on 4 different PC’s in my enternal lab.  Thanks,


  12. Beth Wetherbee says:

    I had the same error running VUA, after having my upgrade from Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate fail. I noticed that Norton Internet Security wasn’t running after the failed upgrade attempt, and when I tried to start it, it (in the end) said to run the Norton Removal Tool.  After I removed Norton, VUA ran with no problems. I’m hoping that will also fix my upgrade problem (though, duh, I should have turned Norton off before the upgrade).

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