Redbull Stratos – Felix Baumgartner, his mission to space and a little Austrian Microsoft team…

Well, one none-technical article as an exception;)

Since last Friday right after the press-conference in New York and the official announcement during Redbull’s media evening in Kitzbühel, Robert John, Lukas Cudrigh and I are especially proud of (full site) (mobile site incl. iPhone support)

Robert started the conversation right after an enterprise briefing organized by the account team with Redbull media house about 6 months ago.

image Together with Lukas Cudrigh, Director for digital marketing and online media initiatives in Redmond, Robert started the discussion with Redbull Mediahouse on the stratos web presence using Silverlight, IIS 7.0 smooth streaming and ASP.NET ... and a number of other digital media ideas.

The Stratos web site is hopefully just the first visible step of a number of great and innovative projects.

Although I was just a little technical help to make this project real (did some prototyping with Silverlight and also Bing maps etc. but the real implementation of the whole web presence is and was done by Terralever together with Microsoft corp. and Lukas’ team), I think Photo-0030[1] together (and especially Robert who sat in lots of nightly conference calls with Lukas to finalize the contracts and all related things in time) we can be very proud of this. It’s so great working with a company like Redbull who is really strong in “just doing cool things” (what is very untypical for Austria;)).

I hope you’ll see some of the other things we’ve started, very soon...

It’s pretty cool being part of this scientific trip;)

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  1. Matt Phillips says:

    What a wanton waste of resources. How much pollution is this going to emit? How much CO2? How many people will this impoverish.

    Not impressed

  2. Well, everybody’s own opinion… Indeed it’s not a rocket going up, it’s a ballon that isn’t emmitting a lot of CO2 (if at all), also the climbing process takes several hours for Felix… just take a look at the scientific specifications:

    It is also seen as a scientific project for NASA to develop the next generation of space suite for next-generation space journeys… and maybe at one day in the future this will safe all our lives… but I am just a little wheel for really being able to evaluate and rate this…

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