TechEd Developers Barcelona – Windows SharePoint Workflow Project Templates

Within this little blog-post you can find the SharePoint Workflow Project Templates that I have used in my Demo Extravaganzza session on Tuesday - they are also available within the ECM Starter Kit as an installer-package. As I have used these templates with a build very close to the final release I expect those templates to work with the final release as well. To install the templates, please follow the following steps:

  • Unzip the ZIP Archive I have attached to this blog post.

  • Open a Command Prompt and execute install.bat.

  • The Install.bat script actually sets up the project templates for Visual Studio 2005, but it does not import the snippets nor does it add the controls to the tool-box. So you have to do that manually.

  • To add the Activities to the toolbox, just create a new Tab in Visual Studio's toolbox and call it "SharePoint Workflow". Then right-click the toolbox and select Choose Items. All all Activities that you can find within the Microsoft.sharepoint.WorkflowActions assembly (you can use the "add items" dialog-box to filter based on the Microsoft.SharePoint.Workflow namespace name).

  • Next you can import the code snippets using the Visual Studio 2005 Code Snippet Manager (CTRL+K, CTRL+B), which are by default copied to the "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Xml\1033\Snippets\SharePoint Workflow" directory. I'd recommend adding the whole folder in the code-snippets manager - then you are going to get exactly the same experience as I got in my session.

If you want to have a more convenient way of installing the templates, they are part of a sample project which has been published on MSDN. Finally these templates are part of the Enterprise Content Management Starter Kit which has been released for Beta 2 of Office SharePoint Server.

SharePoint Workflow

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  1. Yesterday I had the hardest session I have ever done at an international conference – a 75 min. demo-only

  2. kosinsky says:

    В рамках TechEd Developers 2006 была показана неплохая демонстрация возможностей связки: SharePoint+WWF+InfoPath.

  3. Кажется пришла пора обновить статус дел вокруг поддержки документооборота (точнее workflow) в Office

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