My Key Note Demo – SharePoint v3 OM, SharePoint v3 Workflow, InfoPath and Office 2007 Client Add-Ins

The past two months, May and June, where just amazing. So many events and lots of changes - for me personally as well;)

Yesterday and today we had the last large events before summer - the Office System Developer's Conference and the 16. Architect forum. For the OfficeDevCon I used a enhanced and updated version of the demo I have prepared for BigDays 2006.

Now, that Beta 2 of Office 2007 has arrived, I want to share this demo with you all folks. It really shows, how to put all the things together to a solution: I started with developing a Workflow for Windows SharePoint Services v3 and Workflow Foundation that controls it's flow based on InfoPath Forms submitted to a forms library (Bug Request:)). Then I have extended the SharePoint v3 Web Services infrastructure with custom Web Services where I am using the SharePoint v3 Object Model to get the contents out of the form library and provide the information to client applications. Oh yes, and the last piece is a Excel 2007 and Word 2007 Add-In that extends the Ribbon and adds a custom task pane to get the information from the form library right into the client applications.

Although it would have been possible to solve some things cleaner, I think it is really a nice demo showing the capabilities of the next generation of Office... So download it (attachment of this post), try it and get your ideas out of it...

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  2. fabiog says:

    This comment is about the previous post. (The comments are disable)

    The previous post shows how to run WPF XBAP with Gadget (the steps are fine). Well, I´m working in a gagdet with WPF. In Vista Beta 2, the only zone running correctly with gadget is Local Intranet. If IFRAME source (is a XBAP or a simple HTML) running in others zone (Computer, Internet, Trusted Sites, …) the Gadget don´t run!!! Are you experienced with this issue? In my point of view, this is a Sidebar bug.

  3. 2007 MOSS Resource Links (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) Here is an assortment of various 2007 Microsoft

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