DotnetproTV & Security goes cinema … with Ralf Westphal

Yesterday we had our MSDN connection cinema event in Vienna. Actually we have shown one of the episodes of the Dotnetprotv and we had a special guest for our community in Vienna: the director and producer of Dotnetprotv himself, Ralf Westphal. It was really a cool event and the attendees really liked the way Ralf presented Code Access Security (yes, that was the episode we have shown).

Actually on Monday the tournament for this action is going to start. It's your chance to win cool prices (MDA Compact, SnowBoard or Mobiblu MP3 player) if you participate and submit the shortest (!!) implementation of your Solitaire Encryption algorithm - just take a look at the current tournament. We will distribute those prices at our launch conference on November 22nd in Vienna...

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