IIS Debugging Quiz

As I had some funny experience last week with IIS (on my own fault) I thought about posting this as some sort of quiz (greetings to Beat, I really like your quiz series:-)). Actually I have done some ASP.NET / Office demos (generating Word documents in an ASP.NET web application). For explaining the details to my audience I have set a break point to the code that generates the document. Although the code worked and really were executed by the runtime (I got the generated document), sometimes the breakpoint where hit and sometimes not. And it was completely unintentional.

To my environment: I have used IIS 6.0 and Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1. And believe me, it had really nothing to do with security (hey, I am still developing as Non-Admin;-))…

 I’ll post the answer and an explanation next week on Tuesday, but if you have some ideas feel free for discussing them…

Comments (1)

  1. Jeff Parker says:

    I am guessing you weren’t an admin of the server. But then that doesn’t make sense you should never have hit the break point. Firewall Issue? but then you said it has nothing to do with security. To me this problem screams security.

    But since you say it isn’t some other things that might cause this. Caching, loading into a different app domain, the worker process restarting on you for example if the file was rather large the asp.net worker process could restart on you. Everything else would be guessing in the dark without knowing more about the code it was running and your environment like going through proxy servers or switches vs hubs and things like that.

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