Your Windows Forms app like Outlook 2003

Wow, it was really hard for me blogging something in the past weeks, so many things to do... First I had to prepare content for our local VB.NET Trainingstour we are doing with VS 2005 and then the ISV Community day (that's gona happen tomorrow and ... well ... IBF is sooo cool but hard as well:-)) and of course some Web Casts for our trainings tour in between the actual trainings.

Today I had the first Web Cast for this VB.NET trainings tour... It's really a special experience talking more than one hour to your computer:-) but I think the demo I did on the fly is (although still Beta 1 as we use that for the tour because Beta 2 wasn't ready when we started) quite nice. I have taken a look at the channel 9 videos by Joe Stagman ( and and just have done a similar sample completly within the web cast on my own. Just download it here...

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