MSDE Deployment Toolkit in Action – Sources are online

I have posted the latest version of the sources for my MSDE Deployment Toolkit in Action article on our local community site Click here to navigate directly to the download.

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  1. Steve says:


    I converted your source to C# and tried using it in my own setup project, however I receive this error message during setup:

    "An exception occurred in the OnAfterInstall event handler of DbInstaller.CustomINstaller. –> Value cannot be null.

    Parameter name: stream


    I have checked my sql scripts in Query Analyzer and they work fine. Any ideas?


  2. Bill Fleming says:


    I used the MSDE Deployment tookit to install an instance of SQLServer. I have multiple setups that will use the same instance. When I run the MSDE Deployment it thinks that MSDE is not installed. Any suggestions on why it thinks it needs to install MSDE again? According to the flow chart it should pass this step an go right into the application setup.

    Please send any responses to




  3. Martin Naughton says:

    Hi Mario,

    Thanks for the sample.

    I am trying to use the Custom Installer mechanism to install a SQL Server database (not MSDE). What changes should I make to the VerifyService method, such that it will detect an instance of SQL Server 2000?

    (It looks like the ServiceController initialisation would be different.)



  4. Fanou Elias says:


    I read the MSDE Deployment Toolkit in Action article and i download the MSDE Deployment Toolkit and instaled it (without any error messages) on my computer folloing the instraction on the read my file.

    The problem is that i can not find (run) the wizard on the Tools menu of .net or anywhere else.

    How do i start the MSDE 2000 Bootstrap?


  5. LUIS FAJARDO says:

    You mention on the article as an option to attach the database instead of running DDL commands, I was trying that option but I have a little trivial problem. During the AfterInstall event, where the database gets attached, how do I know that path where my application has being deployed? This is important since the sp_attach_single_file_db requires a path where the .mdf is located.

    Thanks for your help

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