Now I got my blog

Hi folks!

As anyone starts blogging nowadays it seems to be a must for a developer having such a thing :-). So just some information about me:

I am working as a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft Austria since October 2002. Before starting at Microsoft I have done several large and small projects based on Microsoft Technology. Early projects where based on DCOM, COM+ with C++ and VB6. Afterwards I have done some SAP Business Connector (knowing Java a little bit, too) and Biztalk Server EAI and B2B projects. In early 2002 I have started working with Beta 2 of Visual Studio .NET 2002 developing ASP.NET web applications as well as a framework for ASP.NET portal solutions (similar to the Web Part things offered by Windows SharePoint Services nowadays or ASP.NET 2.0 in Whidbey timeframe J).

Since working for Microsoft I am focusing on some core topics around .NET like XML, Web Services as well as Smart Clients. I really like this job because requirements are changing nearly all the day J.

As a Developer Evangelist I am responsible for our community and I am in very close contact to our UserGroups:

I am very proud that we have a SQL Server UserGroup in Austria, too:!!


Comments (7)

  1. Mario, welcome to blogging! It’s great to see you here!

  2. Peter Koen says:

    Welcome to blogland!

  3. Ingo Rammer says:

    Finally in blogland ;-). Subscribed.

  4. Yet another subscriber! 😉

  5. Hi Mario, by the way:

    Die offizielle URL zur .NET User Group West Austria lautet nun!

    Thx Matthias

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