HTML5 Demo Sites

In addition to my work on PDC10 and Tech·Ed Europe 2010 (stop me and say “hi” if you attend one of these events), I’ve been spending quite a bit of my spare time on an upcoming project for the purveyors of standards-based web development over at the finely crafted MIX Online. As part of that…


Evolving the PDC09 Event Site

Did you know that the PDC is assembled and run by the same group that does MIX? At this year’s MIX09 in Las Vegas, we hired a company to facilitate seven on-site focus groups, each comprised of around 10 attendees. While the questions covered a broad range of event topics, many related to our “online…



Are you ready for our 14th Professional Developers Conference!? We’re back at the Los Angeles Convention Center this November, and as always, it’s going to be fun event! We have one day of workshops (formerly referred to as pre-cons) on Monday, November 16th, and the main conference runs from Tuesday, November 17th through Thursday, November…


MIX09 Keynote and Session Videos

Whew…what a show! Thanks to everyone who joined us in Las Vegas last week for our fourth MIX conference, MIX09. It was great to meet many of you in person and to associate Twitter aliases with real names. It’s awesome that someone can walk up and say, “Hi, I’m WoogyChuck,” and I actually know what…


MIX09 Sessions

Fantastic news! The team that’s responsible for the MIX09 site has heard your feedback, and they’ve created an always-up-to-date, simple list of all MIX09 keynotes and sessions for easy viewing and download. If you want to read about some other download options, or if you want to rename your downloaded files, check out my recent…


Native Text and Symbol Support Added to My Illustrator to XAML Plug-In

Wow! I can hardly believe that this is the third post on my Illustrator to XAML plug-in in the past month. After not touching the code for well over two years, it’s been fun digging back into the project. Adding Mac OS X support has been a brand new challenge for me, and I’ve enjoyed…


Test Version of My Illustrator to XAML Plug-In for the Mac

One of the most frequent questions I get related to my Adobe Illustrator to XAML Export Plug-In is: “does it run on a Mac?” Unfortunately, the answer has always been “no,” because I’ve never owned a Mac, and I’ve never done any Mac development…ever. If you can believe it, the last Apple computer I wrote…


Updated Adobe Illustrator to XAML Plug-In

It’s been five months since I posted an Update on My Illustrator Plug-In and Flash to XAML Conversion Tool. When I wrote that post, I was in deep preparation for our 2008 Professional Developers Conference, and I didn’t have any time to focus on the plug-in. On top of that, I have to admit that…



Yes, I’m still alive, and no, the rumors about the PDC Hard Hat Challenges melting my brain are false (it was only a minor contusion). The good news is that I’ve fully recovered, and I’m now focused on our upcoming MIX09 event in Las Vegas! This time around, I play the role of MIX09 Keynote…


PDC2008 Keynote and Session Video Links

I’ve posted a PDC2008 Sessions page that contains a simple list of all keynotes and sessions by title with links to each corresponding page on Channel 9. I’ve also made it easy to download the PowerPoint presentations and to grab any sample code the speaker has elected to provide. I hope you find it useful.