Windows Vista RC1, .NET Framework 3.0 RC1, Associated Tools, and Cool Screencast

It’s been quite a week of software releases. Instead of writing a bunch of small posts, I thought I’d wait until everything became available. That time is now. If you haven’t taken a look at Windows Vista yet, I’d highly encourage you to download and install RC1. MSDN subscribers can grab it from the subscriber…


The WPF/XAML Conversion Tool Contest

First, a sincere thank you to everyone who sent me daily e-mail reminders of the three Dell XPS M1710 laptops that we’ll be awarding as contest prizes. Your wait has finally paid off! Announcing…the official start of the WPF Conversion Contest, a contest that challenges you to build a freely-available tool that converts from an existing 2D or…


Sandcastle July 2006 CTP Available for Download

Seems like just yesterday (okay, almost yesterday) that I blogged about the imminent availability of the Sandcastle documentation compiler. Well, you can already download the Sandcastle July 2006 CTP. It’s also worth visiting the Sandcastle blog to read some FAQs and build instructions.


Photosynth, WPF Performance, and Sandcastle

Three completely unrelated items that are worth your attention… First, if you want to see an extremely innovative application that takes vast photo collections (whether they’re your photos or not), automatically figures out how they relate to each other, and seamlessly stitches them together in a reconstructed and navigable 3D space, you need to watch…


Atlas and the 2006 World Series of Poker!?

Steve Marx is a geek! And yes, I mean that as a compliment. I introduced Steve back in June as our new “Atlas” Technical Evangelist. If you read that post, you may recall that he came in 35th in the 2005 World Series of Poker, a fact that will prevent us from ever playing poker…


Free MSDN and TechNet Subscriptions in the U.S.

First, Stephen Toub reminds everyone that if you have a MSDN Premium subscription and you live in the United States, you can get a free subscription to MSDN Magazine by following a few simple steps: go to, sign-in to My MSDN Subscription, click on Subscriber Downloads and Product Keys, find MSDN Magazine Offer for…


Three Hot Dell XPS M1710 Laptops to Give Away

Knew I’d get your attention with that title. This post is an exercise in personal transparency…transparency in the hopes that if you know I have three of these Dell XPS M1710 powerhouses to award as prizes, you’ll bombard me with e-mail until I get off my butt and launch the contest they relate to! A…


Use the Dell XPS LEDs to Monitor Your Build Status

Nearly two years ago, while I was still working for Microsoft Consulting Services in the field, I posted my article on Automated Continuous Integration and the Ambient Orb™. It’s one of my most popular posts, and I still receive comments and questions about it almost once a week. Since then, I’ve read about many other…


Virtual PC, FolderShare, and Sysinternals

I’m risking it again…three completely different topics in a single post! For those with a weak heart, please turn away now. Otherwise… If you haven’t heard yet, Virtual PC is now free, and you can download the 2004 edition now. If you haven’t played with virtualization technology, you owe it to yourself to give it a…


New Widescreen Wallpaper and Posters

This past November, I stopped posting individual blog entries whenever I added new images to my wallpaper collection. Well, it’s been about nine months now, and I thought I’d remind everyone that the Wallpaper Images page is alive and well, and 14 new photos have been added since then (for a total of 53). Everything…