MIX10 Wrap Up

Wow! What a week. The MIX10 event is over, and I hope that everyone made it home safely. It was great to meet everyone in-person, and I love that we referred to each other by our Twitter handles (I heard “Hi, Anyware” many times this week). I thought I’d provide some early data on the event that you might find interesting.

Thank you for attending MIX10, even if your “attendance” is online. Enjoy the keynote and session recordings, leave some feedback, or drop me an e-mail.

Until next time!

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  1. Mike is there any chance you folks could make available for general download a XPS or PDF of the free "Metro" UI design booklet that was mentioned by Joe Belfiore’s in his "Changing Our Game – An Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Series" presentation. I so wanted to get to MIX10 but my company wouldn’t send me, I find myself very interested in this idea of using Transportation Graphics as the basis for the style and would love to read me.



  2. nparker says:

    For those wanting to see the photos from the event in another way I made a deep zoom mosaic in the image of Scott Guthrie containing all the MIX10 photos.

    Check it out http://mix.tribe.net.nz details http://j.mp/TheGu    

  3. Tom Barney says:

    I noticed your batch file downloader tries to download videos of the workshops but they are not available. I didn’t think they would be avilable but I was wondering why they were in your downloader batch file? Will they be available? Also EX54(An Enterprise Perspective on Silverlight 4) and CL57(Practical Strategies for Debugging Cross-Browser Display Issues) are not available yet – will they be?

    All the other sessions downloaded well and there are some great sessions. Thanks for making them available!

  4. mswanson says:

    @Tom: Hello, Tom! You’re correct that the original version of my scripts inadvertently included the workshops and those two sessions. The updated versions at http://live.visitmix.com/videos have been fixed since yesterday. We don’t typically make the workshop videos available.

    Glad you’re liking the content!

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