PDC2008 Sessions

While you can browse sessions by tag on the Channel 9 PDC2008 page, here's a simple list of all keynotes and sessions by code and title. Clicking the keynote or session title will take you directly to the corresponding page on Channel 9 where you can stream and download each video. If available, I've included a link to the PowerPoint presentation, any sample code that the speaker has provided, and the proceeding document. To open PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) files with older versions of Office, install the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats (and Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Service Pack 1).

KYN01 | Day 1 Morning Keynote (Ray Ozzie, Amitabh Srivastava, Bob Muglia, David Thompson)
KYN02 | Day 2 Morning Keynote (Ray Ozzie, Steven Sinofsky, Scott Guthrie, David Treadwell)
KYN03 | Day 2 Afternoon Keynote (Chris Anderson, Don Box)
KYN04 | Day 3 Morning Keynote (Rick Rashid)
BB01 | A Lap Around the Azure Services Platform (John Shewchuk) PowerPoint Proceeding
BB02 | Architecture of the .NET Services (Dennis Pilarinos, John Shewchuk) PowerPoint
BB03 | SQL Services : Under the Hood (Gopal Kakivaya, Tony Petrossian) PowerPoint Proceeding
BB04 | Live Services: A Lap around the Live Framework and Mesh Services (Ori Amiga) PowerPoint Proceeding
BB05 | Live Services: Building Applications with the Live Framework (Raymond Endres) PowerPoint
BB06 | Live Services: Mesh Services Architecture and Concepts (Abolade Gbadegesin) PowerPoint Proceeding
BB07 | SQL Server 2008: Developing Large Scale Web Applications and Services (Hala Al-Adwan, Jose Blakeley) PowerPoint
BB08 | Microsoft Dynamics CRM: The Appealing Business Application (Humberto Lezama Guadarrama) PowerPoint
BB09 | Microsoft Office Communications Server and Exchange: Platform Futures (Chris Mayo, David Ollason) PowerPoint Proceeding
BB10 | Live Services: Deep Dive on Microsoft Virtual Earth (Mark Brown) PowerPoint Code Proceeding
BB11 | Identity Roadmap for Software + Services (Bertocci Vittorio, Kim Cameron) PowerPoint
BB12 | .NET Services: Messaging Services - Protocols, Protection, and How We Scale (Clemens Vasters) PowerPoint
BB13 | SharePoint 2007: Creating SharePoint Applications with Visual Studio 2008 (Chris Johnson)
BB14 | SQL Services: Futures (Patric McElroy) PowerPoint Proceeding
BB15 | SQL Server: Database to Data Platform - Road from Server to Devices to the Cloud (David Campbell, Zach Skyles Owens) PowerPoint
BB16 | SQL Server 2008: Beyond Relational (Michael Rys) PowerPoint Code Proceeding
BB18 | "Dublin": Hosting and Managing Workflows and Services in Windows Application Server (Dan Eshner) PowerPoint
BB19 | Live Services: Live Framework Programming Model Architecture and Insights (Ori Amiga) PowerPoint Proceeding
BB20 | Live Services: Making your Application More Social (Angus Logan) PowerPoint
BB22 | Identity: Live Identity Services Drilldown (Jorgen Thelin) PowerPoint Proceeding
BB23 | A Lap around SQL Services (Soumitra Sengupta) PowerPoint Proceeding
BB24 | SQL Server 2008: Deep Dive into Spatial Data (Isaac Kunen) PowerPoint
BB25 | SQL Server 2008: New and Future T-SQL Programmability (Michael Wang) PowerPoint
BB26 | SQL Server 2008: Business Intelligence and Data Visualization (Stella Chan) PowerPoint Proceeding
BB27 | .NET Services: Orchestrating Services and Business Processes Using Cloud-Based Workflow (Moustafa Ahmed) PowerPoint
BB28 | .NET Services: Access Control Service Drilldown (Justin Smith) PowerPoint
BB29 | Identity: Connecting Active Directory to Microsoft Services (Lynn Ayres, Tore Sundelin) PowerPoint Proceeding
BB30 | Live Services: Building Mesh-Enabled Web Applications Using the Live Framework (Arash Ghanaie-Sichanie) PowerPoint Proceeding
BB31 | Live Services: FeedSync and Mesh Synchronization Services (Steven Lees) PowerPoint Proceeding
BB32 | Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Building Line-of-Business Applications (Andrew Bybee) PowerPoint
BB33 | Dynamics Online: Building Business Applications with Commerce and Payment APIs (Adam Wilson) PowerPoint
BB34 | Live Services: Notifications, Awareness, and Communications (John Macintyre) PowerPoint
BB35 | Live Services: The Future of the Device Mesh (Jeremy Mazner) PowerPoint Proceeding
BB36 | FAST: Building Search-Driven Portals with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Silverlight (Jan Helge Sagefl�t, Stein Danielsen) PowerPoint
BB37 | SQL Server 2008: Developing Secure Applications (Il-Sung Lee) PowerPoint
BB38 | .NET Services: Connectivity, Messaging, Events, and Discovery with the Service Bus (Clemens Vasters) PowerPoint Proceeding
BB39 | .NET Services: Logging, Diagnosing, and Troubleshooting Applications Running Live in the Cloud (Mark Gilbert, Steve Garrity)
BB40 | Sync Framework: Enterprise Data in the Cloud and on Devices (Liam Cavanagh) PowerPoint Proceeding
BB41 | Live Services: What I Learned Building My First Mesh Application (Don Gillett) PowerPoint Code
BB42 | Identity: "Geneva" Server and Framework Overview (Caleb Baker, Stuart Kwan) PowerPoint Proceeding
BB43 | Identity: "Geneva" Deep Dive (Jan Alexander) PowerPoint
BB44 | Identity: Windows CardSpace "Geneva" Under the Hood (Rich Randall) PowerPoint
BB45 | Office Communications Server 2007 R2: Enabling Unified Communications (David Ollason, Oscar Newkerk) PowerPoint Proceeding
BB46 | Exchange Web Services Managed API: Unified Communications Development for Exchange (Jason Henderson) PowerPoint Proceeding
BB47 | SharePoint 2007: Advanced Asynchronous Workflow Messaging (Alex Malek) PowerPoint
BB48 | Microsoft Advertising Platform: A Lap Around (Erynn Petersen) PowerPoint
BB49 | Microsoft Advertising Platform: A Day in the Life of a Click (Robert Devine) PowerPoint
BB51 | Live Services: Programming Live Services Using Non-Microsoft Technologies (Nishant Gupta) PowerPoint
BB52 | SQL Services: Tips and Tricks for High-Throughput Data-Driven Applications (David Robinson) PowerPoint
BB53 | SharePoint Online: Extending Your Service (Troy Hopwood) PowerPoint Proceeding
BB54 | Designing Your Application to Scale (Max Feingold) PowerPoint
BB55 | .NET Services: Access Control In Microsoft .NET Services (Justin Smith) PowerPoint
BB56 | Showcase: Industry Leaders Moving to the Cloud (Brandon Watson, Erik Johnson, Jitendra Thethi, Larry Beck) PowerPoint
BB57 | Microsoft Dynamics AX: Building Business Process into Your Application (Josh Honeyman) PowerPoint
BB58 | Case Study: Bridging On-Premises with the Cloud (David Shutt) PowerPoint
BB59 | Behind the Scenes: How We Built a Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Application (Jack Greenfield, Wade Wegner) PowerPoint
ES01 | Developing and Deploying Your First Windows Azure Service (Steve Marx) PowerPoint Code
ES02 | Windows Azure: Architecting & Managing Cloud Services (Yousef Khalidi) PowerPoint Proceeding
ES03 | Windows Azure: Cloud Service Development Best Practices (Sriram Krishnan) PowerPoint Proceeding
ES04 | Windows Azure: Essential Cloud Storage Services (Brad Calder) PowerPoint Proceeding
ES06 | Developing with Microsoft .NET and ASP.NET for Server Core (Andrew Mason, Ian Robinson) PowerPoint
ES07 | Windows Azure: Modeling Data for Efficient Access at Scale (Niranjan Nilakantan, Pablo Castro) PowerPoint
ES09 | Enabling Test Automation Using Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V (Taylor Brown) PowerPoint
ES10 | Developing Solutions for Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Using WMI (Nihar Shah) PowerPoint
ES11 | Developing Connected Home Applications and Services for Windows Home Server (CJ Saretto, Fabian Uhse) PowerPoint
ES12 | Exposing Connected Home Services to the Internet via Windows Home Server (Brendan Grant, CJ Saretto) PowerPoint Proceeding
ES13 | How to Develop Supercomputer Applications (Jeff Baxter, Sean Mortazavi) PowerPoint
ES14 | IIS 7.0 and Beyond: The Microsoft Web Platform Roadmap (Vijay Sen) PowerPoint
ES15 | Web Application Packaging and Deployment (Saad Ladki) PowerPoint Proceeding
ES16 | A Lap Around Windows Azure (Manuvir Das) PowerPoint Proceeding
ES17 | Windows Azure: Programming in the Cloud (Daniel Wang, Stefan Schackow) PowerPoint
ES19 | Under the Hood: Inside the Windows Azure Hosting Environment (Chuck Lenzmeier, Frederick Smith) PowerPoint
ES20 | Developing Applications for More Than 64 Logical Processors in Windows Server 2008 R2 (Arie van der Hoeven) PowerPoint
ES21 | Windows 7 Presentation Virtualization: Graphics Remoting ( RDP) Today and Tomorrow (Gaurav Daga, Nadim Abdo) PowerPoint
ES22 | Extending Terminal Services and Hyper-V VDI in Windows 7 (Christa Anderson, Niraj Agarwala) PowerPoint
ES23 | Windows 7: Optimizing Applications for Remote File Services over the WAN (Mathew George) PowerPoint
ES24 | PowerShell: Creating Manageable Web Services (Jeffrey Snover) PowerPoint Proceeding
ES25 | Showcase: Windows Azure Enables Live Meeting (John Shriver-Blake, Michael Conrad) PowerPoint
ES29 | Showcase: Windows Azure Enables /Nsoftware and Full Armor (Danny Kim, Gent Hito, Steve Marx) PowerPoint
ES30 | Datacenters and Resilient Services (Benjamin Ravani) PowerPoint
ES31 | Showcase: How HP Built their Magcloud Service on Windows Azure (Andrew E Fitzhugh, Steve Marx) PowerPoint
ES32 | Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 (Elsie Nallipogu, John Sheehan) PowerPoint
PC01 | Windows 7: Web Services in Native Code (Nikola Dudar) PowerPoint
PC02 | Windows 7: Extending Battery Life with Energy Efficient Applications (Pat Stemen) PowerPoint
PC03 | Windows 7: Developing Multi-touch Applications (Anson Tsao, Reed Townsend) PowerPoint Proceeding
PC04 | Windows 7: Writing Your Application to Shine on Modern Graphics Hardware (Anantha Kancherla) PowerPoint Proceeding
PC05 | Windows 7: Unlocking the GPU with Direct3D (Allison Klein) PowerPoint
PC06 | Deep Dive: Building an Optimized, Graphics-Intensive Application in Microsoft Silverlight (Seema Ramchandani) PowerPoint Proceeding
PC07 | WPF: Extensible BitmapEffects, Pixel Shaders, and WPF Graphics Futures (David Teitlebaum) PowerPoint
PC10 | Microsoft Silverlight 2 for Mobile: Developing for Mobile Devices (Amit Chopra, Giorgio Sardo) PowerPoint Proceeding
PC11 | Microsoft Silverlight Futures: Building Business Focused Applications (Jamie Cool) PowerPoint Proceeding
PC12 | Deep Dive: The New Rendering Engine in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (Alex Mogilevsky) PowerPoint Proceeding
PC13 | Windows 7: Building Great Audio Communications Applications (Larry Osterman) PowerPoint
PC14 | Windows 7 Scenic Ribbon: The next generation user experience for presenting commands in Win32 applications. (Nicolas Brun) PowerPoint Proceeding
PC15 | Windows 7: Benefiting from Documents and Printing Convergence (Adrian Ford) PowerPoint
PC16 | Windows 7: Empower users to find, visualize and organize their data with Libraries and the Explorer (David Washington) PowerPoint Proceeding
PC17 | Developing for Microsoft Surface (Brad Carpenter, Robert Levy) PowerPoint Proceeding
PC18 | Windows 7: Introducing Direct2D and DirectWrite (Kam VedBrat, Leonardo Blanco) PowerPoint Proceeding
PC19 | Windows 7: Designing Efficient Background Processes (Vikram Singh) PowerPoint Proceeding
PC20 | ASP.NET 4.0 Roadmap (Scott Hunter) PowerPoint Proceeding
PC21 | ASP.NET MVC: A New Framework for Building Web Applications (Phil Haack) PowerPoint Code Proceeding
PC22 | Windows 7: Design Principles for Windows 7 (Samuel Moreau) PowerPoint
PC23 | Windows 7: Integrate with the Windows 7 Desktop (Rob Jarrett) PowerPoint
PC24 | Windows 7: Welcome to the Windows 7 Desktop (Chaitanya Sareen) PowerPoint Proceeding
PC25 | Windows 7: The Sensor and Location Platform: Building Context-Aware Applications (Dan Polivy) PowerPoint Proceeding
PC26 | Microsoft Visual Studio: Building Applications with MFC (Damien Watkins) PowerPoint Proceeding
PC27 | Microsoft Silverlight, WPF and the Microsoft .NET Framework: Sharing Skills and Code (Ian Ellison-Taylor) PowerPoint
PC29 | Microsoft Silverlight 2: Control Model (Karen Corby) PowerPoint
PC30 | ASP.NET Dynamic Data (Scott Hunter) PowerPoint Proceeding
PC31 | ASP.NET and JQuery (Stephen Walther) PowerPoint Proceeding
PC32 | ASP.NET AJAX Futures (Bertrand Le Roy) PowerPoint Code
PC33 | Microsoft Visual Studio: Easing ASP.NET Web Deployment (Vishal Joshi) PowerPoint Proceeding
PC34 | Open XML Format SDK: Developing Open XML Solutions (Eric White, Zeyad Rajabi) PowerPoint Code
PC35 | Silverlight Controls Roadmap (Shawn Burke) PowerPoint
PC39 | Inside the Olympics: An Architecture and Development Review (Eric Schmidt, Jason Suess) PowerPoint Proceeding
PC40 | SQL Server Compact: Embedding in Desktop and Device Applications (Steve Lasker) PowerPoint
PC41 | ASP.NET: Cache Extensibility (Stefan Schackow) PowerPoint
PC42 | Windows 7: Deploying Your Application with Windows Installer (MSI) and ClickOnce (Tyler Robinson) PowerPoint
PC43 | Deep Dive: What's New with user32 and comctl32 in Win32 (Raymond Chen) PowerPoint Code Proceeding
PC44 | Windows 7: Programming Sync Providers That Work Great with Windows (Jason Roberts, Moe Khosravy) PowerPoint
PC45 | WPF: Data-centric Applications Using the DataGrid and Ribbon Controls (Mark Wilson-Thomas, Samantha Durante) PowerPoint Proceeding
PC46 | WPF Roadmap (Anson Tsao, Kevin Gjerstad) PowerPoint Proceeding
PC47 | Microsoft Expression Blend: Tips & Tricks (Douglas Olson, Peter Blois) PowerPoint
PC48 | Research: Designing the World Wide Telescope (Jonathan Fay)
PC49 | Microsoft .NET Framework: CLR Futures (Ian Carmichael, Joshua Goodman) PowerPoint Proceeding
PC50 | Windows 7: Using Instrumentation and Diagnostics to Develop High Quality Software (Kevin Woley, Ricky Buch) PowerPoint
PC51 | Windows 7: Best Practices for Developing for Windows Standard User (Crispin Cowan) PowerPoint
PC52 | Windows 7: Writing World-Ready Applications (Erik Fortune, Yaniv Feinberg) PowerPoint
PC53 | Building High Performance JScript Applications (Sameer Chabungbam) PowerPoint
PC54 | Mono and .NET (Miguel de Icaza) PowerPoint
PC55 | Oomph: A Microformat Toolkit (Karsten Januszewski) PowerPoint Proceeding
PC56 | Windows Embedded "Quebec": Developing for Devices (Shabnam Erfani) PowerPoint
PC58 | Framework Design Guidelines (Brad Abrams, Krzysztof Cwalina) PowerPoint
PC59 | Commerce Server "Mojave": Overview (Kerry Havas, Tom Schultz) PowerPoint
PC60-V | Driving for software quality through customer feedback (Kevin Hill)
PC61-V | Developing compatible applications for Windows (Uday Shivaswamy)
PC62-V | Hands On Analysis with Windows Performance Toolkit (General) (Michael Milirud, Sharif Farag)
PC63-V | Best practices for signing and verifying code on Windows 7 (Ben Nick) Code
PC64-V | The New COM API for Accessibility and Automation in Windows 7 (Michael Bernstein) PowerPoint
SYMP01 | Parallel Symposium: Addressing the Hard Problems with Concurrency (David Callahan, Lynne Hill) PowerPoint
SYMP02 | Parallel Symposium: Application Opportunities and Architectures (Jerry Bautista, John Feo) PowerPoint
SYMP03 | Parallel Symposium: Future of Parallel Computing (David Detlefs, James Reinders, Niklas Gustafsson, Sean Nordberg, Selena Wilson)
SYMP04 | Services Symposium: Expanding Applications to the Cloud (Gianpaolo Carraro, Simon Guest) PowerPoint
SYMP05 | Services Symposium: Enterprise Grade Cloud Applications (Eugenio Pace)
SYMP06 | Services Symposium: Cloud or No Cloud, the Laws of Physics Still Apply (Gianpaolo Carraro) PowerPoint
TL01 | Office Business Applications: Enhanced Deployment (Andrew Whitechapel, Saurabh Bhatia) PowerPoint
TL02 | Under the Hood: Advances in the .NET Type System (Andrew Whitechapel, Misha Shneerson) PowerPoint Proceeding
TL03 | Microsoft Visual Studio Team System: Software Diagnostics and Quality for Services (Habib Heydarian, Justin Marks) PowerPoint
TL04 | Microsoft Visual Studio Team System Team Foundation Server: How We Use It at Microsoft (Stephanie Saad) PowerPoint
TL06 | WCF 4.0: Building WCF Services with WF in Microsoft .NET 4.0 (Ed Pinto) PowerPoint Proceeding
TL07 | Developing Applications Using Data Services (Mike Flasko) PowerPoint
TL08 | Offline-Enabled Data Services and Desktop Applications (Pablo Castro) PowerPoint
TL09 | Agile Development with Microsoft Visual Studio (Lori Lamkin, Sunder Raman) PowerPoint
TL10 | Deep Dive: Dynamic Languages in Microsoft .NET (Jim Hugunin) PowerPoint Code Proceeding
TL11 | An Introduction to Microsoft F# (Luca Bolognese) PowerPoint
TL12 | Future Directions for Microsoft Visual Basic (Lucian Wischik, Paul Vick) PowerPoint Proceeding
TL13 | Microsoft Visual C++: 10 Is the New 6 (Boris Jabes) PowerPoint
TL14 | Project "Velocity": A First Look (Murali Krishnaprasad) PowerPoint
TL15 | Architecture without Big Design Up Front (Peter Provost) PowerPoint
TL16 | The Future of C# (Anders Hejlsberg) PowerPoint Proceeding
TL17 | WF 4.0: A First Look (Kenny Wolf) PowerPoint Proceeding
TL18 | "Oslo": Customizing and Extending the Visual Design Experience (Don Box, Florian Voss) PowerPoint
TL19 | Microsoft Visual Studio: Bringing out the Best in Multicore Systems (Hazim Shafi) PowerPoint Proceeding
TL20 | Entity Framework Futures (Tim Mallalieu) PowerPoint Proceeding
TL21 | WF 4.0: Extending with Custom Activities (Matt Winkler) PowerPoint Proceeding
TL22 | Concurrency Runtime Deep Dive: How to Harvest Multicore Computing Resources (Niklas Gustafsson) PowerPoint Proceeding
TL23 | A Lap around "Oslo" (Douglas Purdy, Vijaye Raji) PowerPoint Proceeding
TL24 | Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability (Ed Glas, Steve Carroll) PowerPoint Proceeding
TL25 | Parallel Programming for C++ Developers in the Next Version of Microsoft Visual Studio (Rick Molloy) PowerPoint Proceeding
TL26 | Parallel Programming for Managed Developers with the Next Version of Microsoft Visual Studio (Daniel Moth) PowerPoint Proceeding
TL27 | "Oslo": The Language (David Langworthy, Don Box) PowerPoint Proceeding
TL28 | "Oslo": Repository and Models (Chris Sells, Martin Gudgin) PowerPoint
TL29 | Live Labs Web Sandbox: Securing Mash-ups, Site Extensibility, and Gadgets (Dragos Manolescu, Scott Isaacs) PowerPoint
TL30 | Microsoft Sync Framework Advances (Lev Novik) PowerPoint Proceeding
TL31 | "Oslo": Building Textual DSLs (Chris Anderson, Giovanni Della-Libera) PowerPoint
TL32 | Microsoft Visual Studio: Customizing and Extending the Development Environment (Tim Wagner) PowerPoint
TL33 | Managed Extensibility Framework: Overview (Glenn Block) PowerPoint
TL34 | Managed and Native Code Interoperability: Best Practices (Jesse Kaplan) PowerPoint Proceeding
TL35 | WCF: Developing RESTful Services (Steve Maine) PowerPoint
TL36 | Microsoft .NET Framework: Declarative Programming Using XAML (Daniel Roth, Rob Relyea) PowerPoint
TL37 | Microsoft Visual Studio Team System: Leveraging Virtualization to Improve Code Quality with Team Lab (Ram Cherala) PowerPoint
TL38 | WCF: Zen of Performance and Scale (Nicholas Allen) PowerPoint
TL39 | Coding4Fun: Windows Presentation Foundation Animation, YouTube, iTunes, Twitter, and Nintendo's Wiimote (Brian Peek, Clint Rutkas, Dan Fernandez, Scott Hanselman) PowerPoint
TL40 | "Dublin" and .NET Services: Extending On-Premises Applications to the Cloud (Jacob Avital) PowerPoint
TL42 | Microsoft SQL Server 2008: Powering MSDN (Mark Johnston) PowerPoint Code
TL43 | Microsoft XNA Game Studio: An Overview (Frank Savage) PowerPoint
TL44 | IronRuby: The Right Language for the Right Job (John Lam) PowerPoint
TL45 | Microsoft Visual Studio Team System Database Edition: Overview (Gert Drapers) PowerPoint
TL46 | Microsoft Visual C# IDE: Tips and Tricks (Dustin Campbell) PowerPoint
TL47 | Microsoft Visual Studio Team System: A Lap Around VSTS 2010 (Cameron Skinner) PowerPoint
TL48 | Microsoft Visual Studio: Web Development Futures (Jeff King) PowerPoint
TL49 | Microsoft .NET Framework: Overview and Applications for Babies (Scott Hanselman) PowerPoint Proceeding
TL50 | Research: BAM, AjaxScope, and Doloto (Emre Kiciman, Ethan Jackson) PowerPoint
TL51 | Research: Contract Checking and Automated Test Generation with Pex (Mike Barnett, Nikolai Tillmann) PowerPoint Proceeding
TL52 | Team Foundation Server 2010: Cool New Features (Brian Harry) PowerPoint Proceeding
TL54 | Natural Interop with Silverlight, Office, and Python in Microsoft Visual C# and Microsoft Visual Basic (Alex Turner) PowerPoint
TL55 | The Concurrency and Coordination Runtime and Decentralized Software Services Toolkit (George Chrysanthakopoulos) PowerPoint Code Proceeding
TL56 | Project "Velocity": Under the Hood (Anil Nori) PowerPoint Proceeding
TL57 | Panel: The Future of Programming Languages (Anders Hejlsberg, Douglas Crockford, Erik Meijer, Gilad Bracha, Jeremy Siek, Wolfram Schulte)
TL58 | Research: Concurrency Analysis Platform and Tools for Finding Concurrency Bugs (Madan Musuvathi, Thomas Ball) PowerPoint
TL59 | Visual Studio Debugger Tips & Tricks (John Cunningham) PowerPoint
TL60 | Improving Code Quality with Code Analysis (Ravs Kaur) PowerPoint
TL61 | Panel: The Future of Unit Testing (Euan Garden, Jim Newkirk, Nikolai Tillmann, Peter Provost)
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  1. Recordings of the PDC2008 sessions and keynotes are now available online for free , for anyone (no login

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  4. Reading tweets and Scott’s WOW blog post this morning perked my interest in what was shown at PDC this

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  6. mswanson says:

    @Caleb: While I do believe that two of the pre-conference sessions were recorded this year, we generally don’t record them (often related to contractual obligations with third-party speakers).

  7. Links to Top PDC Sessions Online

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    Mike Swanson, PDC2008 Content Owner, has rolled up all the top questions into one new blog posting letting

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    The people at the information booth at PDC said the WPF and Silverlight pre-conference sessions were being recorded and would be available for download in video format – I gave them my email and checked in at EVERY break in the conference and they have YET to get back to me. I attended the WPF but would like to listen to the end of it again as it was fairly advanced and wanted to attend the Silverlight one but could not be two places at the same time.

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    Thank you Mike for taking the time and effort to create this list – it is appreciated.

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  17. The Full List of PDC2008 Sessions

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    For people who want to donwload the videos and still want the other descriptive content, check out http://www.codeplex.com/pdcdownloader and also my blog at http://www.dotnetindia.com

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