PDC2008 Keynote and Session Video Links

I’ve posted a PDC2008 Sessions page that contains a simple list of all keynotes and sessions by title with links to each corresponding page on Channel 9. I’ve also made it easy to download the PowerPoint presentations and to grab any sample code the speaker has elected to provide. I hope you find it useful.


PDC2008 Sessions

While you can browse sessions by tag on the Channel 9 PDC2008 page, here’s a simple list of all keynotes and sessions by code and title. Clicking the keynote or session title will take you directly to the corresponding page on Channel 9 where you can stream and download each video. If available, I’ve included a link to the PowerPoint presentation, any…


PDC2008 Session and Keynote Recordings Are Now Published

Recordings of the PDC2008 sessions and keynotes are now available online for free, for anyone (no login required). Each session has its own page that includes a Silverlight viewer to watch streaming video and a Download link for iPod (MP4), WMV, WMV (High), and Zune. A few of the sessions and formats may not be…


PDC2008 Downloadable Master Session List

Only three more days before PDC2008 kicks off in Los Angeles. It’s hard to believe that the big event is almost here! If you won’t be able to join us at the conference, be sure to bookmark www.microsoftpdc.com and watch the first two keynotes streamed live. Keep checking back for news, announcements, and video recordings…


Send Me Your PDC Video

In a little over a week, we’ll be holding an all-hands meeting for Microsoft employees who are attending PDC2008. It’ll be a huge meeting with many hundreds of people, including the core team, virtual team, content team, speakers, staff, and anyone else who plans to be at the event. I’ve been asked to lead the…


PDC2008: A Day in the Life #7

The first full week of PDC2008 dry-runs is complete! If you’re not familiar with our dry-run process, take a look at PDC2008: A Day in the Life #6. The on-campus dry-runs continue through this Thursday. After that, we have a little over a week to make final edits before the big event in Los Angeles….


PDC2008: A Day in the Life #6

Today was our first day of PDC2008 dry-runs on campus. To present a session at the conference, all speakers are required to rehearse their session in front of the content team and a handful of their peers. This is in addition to the proposals and outlines that are part of an earlier vetting process. It’s…


PDC2008: A Day in the Life #5

I have an internal PDC2008 gadget running in my Windows Sidebar, and it reports that there are only 25 days remaining before the big event. In “event time,” that seems like tomorrow! I’ll probably go to sleep tonight and wake up in the Los Angeles Convention Center. I’m not sure if I’d consider that a…


More Bits, Windows 7 Sessions, and Keynote Speakers for PDC2008

As promised, we published 17 additional Windows 7 sessions this morning. If you were wondering how much you’d hear about Windows 7 at this year’s Professional Developers Conference, you now have the answer: a lot. A few of the session descriptions simply say "TBD"…and that’s not because we’re unsure about what we plan to talk…


PDC2008 Hard Drives, Services, Windows 7, and More

It’s going to be an awesome PDC2008, baby! Before you read the rest of my post, watch this short 4 1/2 minute video that we published this afternoon on Channel 9 for some helpful context. Please forgive my super-reflective forehead…I still remember the “oily” result from when my mom had me fill out a Mary…