Bad Design by Example

I was shopping at our local Ace Hardware store this afternoon with my wife, and I saw this package of SUPERthriveâ„¢ hanging in the aisle (image shows front and back of packaging). Having recently returned from our MIX07 conference in Las Vegas and hearing so much about user experience and good design, I purchased a…


MIX07 Session Recordings

It’s been awhile since my last post! The group I’m in, Developer and Platform Evangelism (otherwise known as DPE), is responsible for both MIX and PDC. If you hadn’t heard, our sold out MIX07 event took place earlier this week in Las Vegas, and the weeks leading up to it were hectic for many of us….


WPF Ribbon, 3D Conversion, and Courses

To kick things off, Actipro recently released their WPF Actipro Ribbon control which is based on the new Office 2007 UI. According to the site, their control “implements all of the core required parts of the Microsoft Ribbon UI Guidelines along with many optional parts as well.” If you’d like to take it for a spin,…


My Current Bookshelf #2

Almost three years ago, on June 25, 2004, I wrote a post titled My Current Bookshelf. It inspired a number of similar posts from other bloggers, and I received a lot of great feedback. The last set was decidedly developer-focused. This set includes some developer books, but it also includes a number of business-related titles….


Canon RAW Codec for Windows Vista Released

I used to be a Nikon guy, but I decided to dabble with the Canon Rebel XT a couple of years ago, and so far, I’m pleased. Most of my newer wallpaper images were taken with the Canon camera and a 60mm macro lens. Unfortunately, until now, all of those wonderful .CR2 files sitting in…


Redesign the MIX Home Page and Win a Trip to Las Vegas

Do you consider yourself a CSS master? If so, how would you like to use your skills to redesign the MIX home page? We recently announced the REMIX contest, and if you submit one of the top three designs, you’ll receive paid registration to the MIX07 conference, three nights at The Venetian hotel, and $1,000 USD….


SWF2XAML 0.2: A Slightly Better Flash to XAML Conversion

Now you know why I don’t write headlines professionally. After all, who (other than me) would ever use the phrase “slightly better” to engage their readers? 🙂 Anyway, I’ve released version 0.2 of my freely available SWF2XAML conversion tool (more in a prior blog post). This updated version fixes some bugs and adds a few…


More Windows Vista Wallpaper

To commemorate more than half a million visits (wow!) to my own wallpaper page, here’s a bonus macro shot of rain drops on the hood of my car (1,920 x 1200 and 1,600 x 1,200). I promise to add more photos when the color starts returning to the Seattle area, but in the meantime, I’d…


Are You Attending MIX07?

You’re probably familiar with our big Tech·Ed and PDC events, but do you know about MIX? We had our first MIX conference in 2006, and it was a big success. Like any good movie (and some bad ones, I suppose), the sequel was being planned- and budgeted-for almost before the credits rolled on the first one….


The Amazing Autowoman

I’ve always dreamed of an easier way to buy a car. No matter how much homework I do, I never feel good after I’ve visited a dealership. My non-blogging friend and Microsoft colleague, Thomas Lewis, and I have speculated many times about a service that would handle the process of negotiation, purchase, and delivery without…