Problem Installing Expression Web on Windows Vista with Office 2007?

Although I love our Expression Web product, especially for its CSS editing capabilities, I wouldn't consider myself an expert. I've used it to create some simple web pages and to edit the look-and-feel of my blog. But, over the past couple of weeks, two people have contacted me about problems installing Expression Web on their Windows Vista machines with Office 2007.

If you take a look at the ReadMe, you'll see that: "You need to uninstall any pre-release version of the Microsoft Office 2007 system such as the Beta before installing Expression Web." Those instructions seem pretty clear. However, the two people who contacted me had "clean" systems that had been built from the ground up with the RTM versions of both Windows Vista and Office 2007. There were clearly no prior beta versions hanging around.

After a bit of digging, it seems that if you have a version of the 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS installed, this may be the culprit. In both cases, by performing an uninstall on this add-in via the Control Panel, and then installing Expression Web, everything works okay. You can even re-install the Office 2007 add-in when you're done.

I can't find a knowledge base article on this issue, so I can't be 100% sure that it will solve the problem in all cases, but so far, I'm two for two. Please leave feedback if this helps your situation.

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  1. Off Topic says:

    Have you heard of anyone doing a admin install of Expression Web, getting the xml to work at all, or having Expression Web included in the admin creation of Office 2007?

  2. Roger says:

    I have a strange issue where expression web installs and works fine but each time i open the program it goes through the "installing expression web" and then the "configuring expression web". It doesnt matter how many times i reboot or redo the install i get the same problem. I have a clean install of Vista business and Office 2007 (both full release versions".

    Any ideas on what to look at would be appreciated.

  3. ed says:

    Count that 3 for 3. My fiancee’ had this exact problem. Uninstalling the pdf add-in did the trick; Expression installed fine & then we re-installed the add-in. All is well.

  4. Rick says:

    I have a clean Vista Ultimate 64 bit with Office 2007 and web Expression and Visio.  Both web expressions and Visio both do a re-config each time I run them.  I have un-installed, re-installed with no help.  I have tried in vain to find a fix, security? , file permission ? etc.

    I do not have the "ms save as PDF" component.  Maybe its some other MS component thats doing it.  I do have SQL 2005, Visual Studio 05 as I do local development on my system.

  5. Mike Ormerod says:

    Yep, had the exact same issue.  Clean Vista Ultimate 32 bit, with Office 07, and the PDF/XPS add-in.  Removed the add-in and the install worked.

  6. Enrique says:

    Fixed, thanks Mike it was the Add-in.

  7. Sean Stewart says:

    My experience was slightly different.  I apparently had some Office 2007 beta files installed but could not find them nor did I recollect ever installing any Office 2007 elements.  I had, however, previously installed (and tried to uninstall) Microsoft Expression beta versions.  

    When I tried to then install the RTM version of Expression Web, it failed telling me I needed to uninstall all Office 2007 beta files.  In short, here is what I found that worked:

    I uninstalled all the beta versions of the Expression products.  Then, I followed the directions in this Microsoft KB article.  The problem lies in that somewhere, you have some Office 2007 beta files on your system that you cannot find and that did not correctly uninstall.  Following the steps in the KB article will fix the problem.

  8. Amanat says:


    I have a problem with installing Expression Web and i see this error during installing it:

    "25004.config.xml not specified; Avalid config.xml file must be authored when deploying (null)"

    please help me to fix it.

  9. Bruno says:

    Installed EW on UKversion windowsXP. No Visual studio …works fine…

    I did the same on a Dutch windowsXP and development server installed!?? No online help available…

    Please help

  10. erik says:

    I cannot get it to install on xp sp2 at all. I’ve tried my work and home pcs. I run the exe and nothing happens other than my system becoming completely unusable.

  11. PavelPeroutka says:

    installing Expression Web gives me this error:

    Setup can not find required setup controller file.

    Where would I found this file? Shouldn’t this file be included on installation DVD?

  12. rakesh says:

    i have office 2007 enterprise editon installed and while trying to install web expression.. the installaion is successful but when i start the app it says “the application is not configured properly try to reinstall” i m sick of it and need some help ,, also i dont have save as pdf addon for ms office 2007 installed

  13. Bruce says:


    I inserted the disc and clicked on “Open folder to view files”  then selected “Web Folder” and then setup.exe.  Once I had entered the key from the package it worked but it did take a long time and I thought many times that the computer had frozen, however in the end it did load.

  14. Boris says:

    i have the WinVista Home Basic, and i’ve tried to install the expression web, i can run setup wizard, but it stops on the step number 2, and an error ocurred window comes up; what can i do?

    PS:i do have all the frameworks.

    My email is,thnx

  15. Stags says:

    I had the same problem. I switched my default browser to IE instead of Firefox and tried again. It worked just right.

  16. someone says:

    Having all of those user feedback features built into the installers helping MS find these problems before the get out into the wild?

  17. some one says:

    Ya, but MS will tell us that we are using BETA software or something.

    I have the same issue.

    The funny thing is installing programs is not a BETA concpet nor should the install program be BETA the accual software is. Is the whole concept of installing software still under BETA and as the previous poster mentions that is why MS still needs all this feedback. They have yet to get it correct?

    I think in addition to that it is the install program trying to install shared binary components. Which may be installed by another application.

    The problem is MS is still sharing binary code between products. Instead like VS2008 web designer and Expression Web share the code not the binary. Crearte two seperate DLLs for the two seperate products.

    Why would my binary install of Office cause problems for Expression Web. And/Or visa versa.

    I would just ask MS to stop this practice. I had a problem installing SQL 2005 because of the same issue. Soming with  OWC 11 and web components. Then compound that with MS not wanting to help becuase then it exposes weekness in share binary code.

    Do a google search on this:

    sql 2005 owc11

  18. some one says:

    Also begs the question that if someone builds an applicaiton using the Office tools will that application eventually run into the same problems. Are we going to see other third party applications using Office Tools not install or attempt to re-install office every time you run the application. Might be a good idea to set the "copy to local" for Office Assemblies when building .net application with Office Tools.

  19. Mike says:

    Well just to throw a cat among the pigeons I have a another scenario.

    Same problem different solution.

    I tried 3 times to install Ex Web 2.

    Each time it showed a successful install but when I tried to start the software it tried to configure and told me it could not find an msi file.

    I followed all the advice I could find with no joy. I did not have save to pdf installed on my system.

    So on a wing and a prayer I dug deeper in to the “warez / hacker” sites out there and was surprised at what I found.

    To cut it short.

    The reason you can not install expression is simple.

    Reason 1. Office is installed on multiple systems using the same product key. Expression Web does not recognise corporate keys and so it fails validation.

    Reason 2. You are trying to install a RC (release candidate) that has expired. (this is common for downloads from P2P sites.

    Reason 3. You have previously installed Expression Studio Trial and even after removal Ex Web recognises this and will fail.

    Reason 4. Your Windows and / or Office / Expression software is pirated or has been pirated and somebody else has installed and registered it before you did.

    My solution: Even though I have legitimate software with receipt and proof of purchase somebody out there has obtained a key that is the same as my real one and activated and registered Expression Web before I installed.

    All I got from MS was sorry you will have to purchase a ney product key.

    So I am going back to Dreamweaver.


  20. Ajoy says:

    The installation program can’t find the required set up controller file.  Please where can I find a clean file

  21. I cannot install WE2 in a fresh Vista 64 system. The disk just stalls. I do not have Office 2007.

    I used on my old XP Pro system and it worked fine.

    Any help with this problem would be most appreciated as I paid for the software – retail.


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