Photosynth, WPF Performance, and Sandcastle

Three completely unrelated items that are worth your attention...

First, if you want to see an extremely innovative application that takes vast photo collections (whether they're your photos or not), automatically figures out how they relate to each other, and seamlessly stitches them together in a reconstructed and navigable 3D space, you need to watch the videos for Photosynth. I tried to grab a screenshot that illustrates the concept, but frankly, you're just not going to "get it" until you watch one of the videos. Way cool!

Second, if you're looking to improve the performance of your WPF applications, check out Tim Cahill and Henry Hahn's 17 minute MSDN TV talk on WPF performance.

Third, read Anand's post about the Sandcastle documentation compiler. It sounds a lot like NDoc. Think of this as a tool that can reflect over your assemblies, integrate your XML comments, and automatically generate MSDN-style documentation. Take a look at the PowerPoint presentation for more details.

Update: The Photosynth team has launched their site including links to interviews on both Channel 9 and 10.

Comments (4)

  1. benny says:

    awesome! photosynth is really one of the most impressive wpf application (i guess, it is wpf based) i’ve seen so far…

    really cool stuff!

  2. bonk says:

    there is no wpf in it (is there ?)

  3. mswanson says:

    Nope…no WPF. The current version uses unmanaged DirectX.

  4. Seems like just yesterday (okay, almost yesterday) that I blogged about the imminent availability of…

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