Virtual PC, FolderShare, and Sysinternals

I'm risking it again...three completely different topics in a single post! For those with a weak heart, please turn away now. Otherwise...

If you haven't heard yet, Virtual PC is now free, and you can download the 2004 edition now. If you haven't played with virtualization technology, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. It's a great way to test drive software without having it impact your primary machine. It's also an easy way to duplicate bugs on various operating systems without having to reboot to another partition. It's very useful for demos too, especially since you can configure an image to easily undo any changes that were made to the "virtual PC" when you shut it down...this includes formatting the virtual C: drive...a great demo, by the way. I told you that this post wasn't for the faint of heart!

We've also launched the beta version of a new Windows Live Service called FolderShare. If you want to easily synchronize your files across a number of different computers all via the internet, this is for you. This even works if you want to share files with a friend or colleague. The synchronization happens automagically in the background, so there's not much to do after you've setup your free account. I love these "restrictions:"

  • Share files up to 2 GB in size
  • Unlimited file transfers - no limits on quantity or size of files transferred
  • Any file type - files are synced and transferred in their original format

Doesn't sound too restrictive to me. 🙂

Last, we went and purchased Winternals. This means that Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell are now part of the team! Welcome to Microsoft, guys! And if you've never downloaded or used one of their free Sysinternals tools, well, you just better go and try some of them. Some of my favorites are Regmon, Filemon, and Process Explorer. They're small tools with quick downloads that do their job very well.

Comments (5)

  1. Mark Jordan says:

    FYI… The service still has a 10,000 file limit per folder, though.

    By the way… I hope you’re doing well with the vision.

  2. Joel Ross says:

    FolderShare is a great tool! I used it on a limited basis before Microsoft bought it, and really steppep up my use after Microsoft made it free.

    The 2 GB limit may be listed, but my experience shows it’s not a hard limit – I routinely use FolderShare to synch up 10-12 GB Virtual PC disks.

  3. wkempf says:

    I don’t get the comment about FolderShare.  The service has been around for some time, and the link takes you to the original site, which doesn’t appear to be changed in any way.  It makes some sense to fold this service into Live, but I don’t see how that’s been done yet?

  4. Yikes! says:

    I checked the FolderShare website and there is no mentioned what security is used (authentication, encryption, etc.)!

    I certainly hope people aren’t dumb enough to send there data (especially personal/confidential data like photos and such) through this service without any encryption.


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