New Widescreen Wallpaper and Posters

This past November, I stopped posting individual blog entries whenever I added new images to my wallpaper collection. Well, it's been about nine months now, and I thought I'd remind everyone that the Wallpaper Images page is alive and well, and 14 new photos have been added since then (for a total of 53). Everything is available at both 1,920 x 1,200 and 1,600 x 1,200 for your flexibility. I've included thumbnails for the six I just added tonight.

Although I don't expect it to be in the final shipped product, Leaf 02 is currently available in Windows Vista Beta 2 (along with two others that I'll leave for you to figure out).

Also, I'm frequently asked how to obtain high quality prints of my photos, and until recently, I didn't have a solution. A colleague of mine suggested that I try Cafe Press, so I've set up a "test" store with seven 35.0" x 23.0" posters. To ensure that the posters look as good as possible at such a large size, I went back into my archives and pulled out the highest quality versions of these seven photos and used Genuine Fractals to scale them up. I've already received one of the prints for my office, and I have to say, I'm impressed with the resolution, print quality, and rich colors. If this turns out to be popular, I'll do the same thing for more images and make them available in other sizes.


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  1. mitch.wheat says:

    Very beautiful images Michael. Did you use Pro lenses and a tripod? They all seem to be in natural light, did you use a reflector?



  2. mswanson says:

    Mitch: Believe it or not, all of these images were shot with either a Nikon COOLPIX 990 (for the older shots) or a Nikon COOLPIX 5700 (everything else). I’ve found the combination of the live preview and swiveling LCD to make it *much* easier to shoot macro shots. I also have a Canon Rebel XT, but I haven’t invested in a macro lens yet.

    A few of these were taken with a tripod, but most are hand held. Also, I don’t use flash or reflectors, so this is all natural light.

    The COOLPIX cameras have fantastic macro capabilities, although I’m starting to want images with less color noise.

  3. mitch.wheat says:

    Wow! That’s amazing! I had heard that some of the compact digitals had macro capabilities rivaling some of the Pro kit.

    Have you ever looked at any of Tony Sweet’s work? "Fine art nature photography" and "Fine art flower photography". I think I prefer the former.

    Did your cataract operation affect your photography?


    Mitch Wheat

  4. Knew I’d get your attention with that title.

    This post is an exercise in personal transparency…transparency…

  5. Juan Pablo says:

    It’s so amazing and very special images, you have a great quality in your beautiful pictures, are so exotic and so wonderful.

    ¡Thank you so much for share it with us!

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