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Steve Marx recently joined my team to focus on "Atlas" evangelism. He came from the Windows Code Excellence group, and if he ever gets a chance to talk to you about his history, you'll find that it's quite varied (including coming in 35th in the 2005 World Series of Poker). Anyway, Steve has been digging-in to the technology over the past few weeks, and he's already written his own Atlas-powered blogging engine. He'd like you to know that it's still early code, so you can expect a few bugs and rough edges, but otherwise, I'd encourage you to check out what he's building over at I'm sure he'd love your feedback. Great stuff, Steve.

While I'm plugging team members' blogs, I should point these out too (frankly, don't know why I haven't already done this):

  • Grace Francisco (who just had a baby girl a few months ago!) is an expert on Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server. Travel over to graceworld for more, and be sure to check out her Channel 9 interview with Doug Neumann.

  • Michael Lehman talks about his Adventures in SoftwareLand as he helps MicroISVs become successful on our platform. He's one of the original podcasters too, so be sure to check out Mike's Manic Minute.

  • Brian Benincasa is responsible for I Killed Your Dude, which should clue you in to the fact that he's either a hit man, or he's an obsessive game player. He came from Windows Gaming evangelism. You can see him in a Channel 9 interview from last year, on an episode of The .NET Show. He's helping drive our evangelism efforts for the next wave of Visual Studio technologies, code named "Orcas."

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  1. Steve Marx says:

    Thanks for the plug, Mike!

  2. Steve Marx is a geek! And yes, I mean that as a compliment. I introduced Steve back in June as our new…

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