Expression Web Designer CTP1 Released

You've heard me blog about Expression Graphic Designer and Expression Interactive Designer in the past. Well, from the Mad Libs laboratory of product naming, I'm proud to announce the availability of another in the Expression ______ Designer series: Expression Web Designer. If you're a professional designer (or developer) building standards-based XHTML Web sites and applications, you should check out this tool. Expression Web Designer has strong support for CSS-based layout and formatting, ASP.NET 2.0 with server and user controls, "no code" data binding, integration with Visual Studio 2005 projects, and WYSIWYG XSLT design tools. This is not your father's FrontPage.

You can download Expression Web Designer CTP1 today (230MB).

Read more at Digital Media Designer, Computerworld, and

Comments (4)

  1. Sam Gentile says:

    Again another month and change since the last one so this issue will be a collection of everything marked…

  2. In acest post voi enumera cateva articole / link-uri care mi s-au parut interesante si care au aparut…

  3. Gerry Tucker says:

    However it IS the same product as Sharepoint Designer 12, aka Frontpage 12.

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