MIX06 Session Recordings

The MIX06 conference in Las Vegas is over, and it was an outstanding event. Feedback has been almost universally positive, and attendees are encouraging us to do this again. MIX06 was a smaller, more intimate conference, and many of our presentations and panels were driven by our customers and partners. Personally, I loved the one-on-one engagement that I had with attendees. It's a fantastic way to get a lot of great product feedback and actually meet the people who are building on top of and extending our technology.

If you weren't able to join us in Vegas, don't worry. We're working to get around 50 sessions of content across nearly three days prepped and published for your online enjoyment. We expect to finish the post production process in the next three to four weeks. Then, we'll be hosting everything for six full months, for free, for anyone (not just attendees). In addition to watching the video for each presentation, you'll be able to download each session for offline viewing.

Since MIX06 is a web conference, we're delivering all of the post show content online. We won't be producing DVD sets like we did for PDC05. I've grabbed a screen shot of the current web interface, although I'm sure it'll change a little bit before we launch.

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  1. JD on EP says:

    MIX videos on the way: I’m focusing so strongly on the Microsoft conference this week because it’s significant when a major player in the world’s computer experience like Microsoft so strongly endorses themes like "experience matters", declarative

  2. Pascal Bourque says:


    Will audio-only files (MP3) be available? It probably doesn’t make a lot of sense to listen to a technical demo session without actually seeing the demo, but it might be appropriate for some content, like BillG’s keynote for example. I really want to listen to the keynote, but the only time I have for this kind of stuff is in the car…



  3. mswanson says:

    Pascal: we don’t currently have any plans to offer the audio-only version of the sessions, although I can certainly understand how useful this would be during travel time. It’s relatively easy to strip audio from video files, and perhaps I’ll post the "how to" for folks who want to do this.

  4. Phil Wheat says:

    Any update?  I’m excited by the slides I have seen from the conference (had to do Office Devcon that weekend) and was wondering if there’s an ETA for the presentations themselves.

  5. mswanson says:

    Phil…very soon.

  6. As promised, we’ve published all 52 MIX06 sessions online for your education and enjoyment. We’ll be…

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