"Crossbow," WPF Training, and the Command Pattern

In his MSDN TV 15-minute video, Mike Henderlight talks about "Crossbow," the code name for the technology that allows Windows Presentation Foundation controls to work with Window Forms, and vice versa. Unless you're writing a brand new application to take full advantage of WPF, it's likely that you'll begin to include more powerful WPF controls in your Windows Forms applications as you migrate them over time. Or, you'll use your favorite Windows Forms controls to add functionality that doesn't yet exist in WPF. Either way, it's good stuff to be aware of. Read more in the Dr. Dobb's interview, Windows Presentation Foundation Interoperability.

The good folks at Mobiform Software (makers of the Aurora XAML designer for WPF) have put together a two-day class that introduces students to WPF programming and XAML. The course is taught by Ron DeSerranno, Mobiform's President and CEO, in Vancouver, Canada. Looks like the next class is coming up on March 6th and 7th. Register here.

Jelle Druyts has authored a useful MSDN article called The Command Pattern In Windows Presentation Foundation (via Rob Relyea). In it, Jelle explains how the classic Command pattern has been baked directly into WPF. And although it's a bit older, Ian Griffiths' article on the subject is also worth reviewing.

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