IE7 Beta 2 Preview for Windows XP

If you're a developer, power-user, or someone who wants to experiment with early software, you can now download the IE7 Beta 2 Preview for Windows XP. You can also take a quick tour of the new features. Here are some of the improvements and additions you'll find:

  • Includes the Windows RSS platform
  • Dynamic new security and privacy protection features
  • A significantly enhanced end user experience
  • Major platform advances for Web and application developers

If you have questions or problems to report, you can use the microsoft.public.internetexplorer.general newsgroup, or send e-mail to If you send e-mail, please include a detailed description of the problem and the steps to reproduce it.

Last, be sure to visit the IEBlog for updates from the IE team.

Comments (1)

  1. d0nwilliams says:

    I installed IE 7beta2 on the XP Prox laptop and uninstalled it quickly afterwards. Since then IE 6.0 orignal does not function correctly.

    At start up it "an attempt was made to reach a token that does not exist" once it hit OK 50 or so ie instances open. Also I cannot access the properties with in the internet options via the browser? I can right click ie icon and or go thru CP to access. The error states "The operation has been cancelled due to restrictions on this computer…".

    I am part of the admin group?

    Pls advise how I can fix this issue.

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