WPF Components and Updated Lab Content

Phil Wright of Component Factory shares his insights about WPF and components in the article, The WPF Tidal Wave. Coincidentally, three of the component vendors he mentions are featured on our Third Party Controls for the Windows Presentation Foundation page on MSDN. Although this page was last refreshed for our September 2005 PDC, it does provide an early glimpse at some of the controls you can expect to see.

Also, the Windows Presentation Foundation site on the Windows Vista Developer Center has just published updated hands-on lab content based on the recently-released WinFX January 2006 CTP. From the description, excercises are provided on topics including: "2D and 3D graphics, data binding, templating and styling, interop, imaging, XPS documents, custom controls, performance and XAML Browser Applications." The lab content is available in both Visual Basic .NET and C# and is a great way to get up-to-speed on WPF development.

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