Visual Studio 2005 RTM

After a very long product cycle, Visual Studio 2005 released to manufacturing today. This is an awesome release that includes a lot of great new functionality. Great job, Developer Division!

The ISO files can be downloaded via MSDN Subscriber Downloads. If you want to know which versions are offered at different subscription levels, check out MSDN Subscriptions for Visual Studio 2005. The Professional Edition ISO is a 2760MB download, and if your subscription level offers it, the Team Suite ISO is 3630MB. If you'd like to know the features that accompany each SKU, the Visual Studio 2005 Product Line Overview should help.

Also, the various flavors of the .NET Framework 2.0 SDKs and Redistributables are available via the Microsoft Download Center.

For those who don't have MSDN Subscriptions, the Express Editions of of Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++, Visual Web Developer, Visual J#, and SQL Server will be made publicly available on the Microsoft Download Center on November 7th. You should also be able to find the full boxed product in stores that same day.

If you have a pre-release version of Visual Studio 2005 installed on your machine, please be sure to follow the Pre-RTM Uninstall Instructions. This post by Aaron Stebner does a great job of outlining all of the potential issues.

And, since I've already been asked a few times today, here's a page in the MSDN Library that discusses Installing Visual Studio Versions Side-by-Side. The short answer is that "Visual Studio supports installation of Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio .NET 2002, 2003, and Visual Studio 2005 on the same computer."

By the way, although I haven't posted about it yet on this blog, I am hiring a Technical Evangelist to focus on the next version of Visual Studio, code name "Orcas." If you're passionate about our developer tools and think you might be interested, please contact me.

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  1. Samuel Jack says:

    Are the Express editions going to be a free download?

    Is it then just the boxed versions that cost $49?

  2. Bruce says:


    Do you know if CTP Avalon bits have been tested with the VS2005 RTM version? I imagine the Managed DirectX stuff will work fine, but I know the Avalon releases have usually been tied to a specific VS2005 release.

    Just wondering,


  3. mswanson says:

    Samuel: More information about the Express editions will be announced on November 7th during the product launch. Your questions will be answers then.

    Bruce: Great question! The current September CTP bits of WPF ("Avalon") that were released during PDC05 will *not* work with the RTM version of the .NET Framework. However, the good news is that the next CTP will. More here:

  4. Munkie says:

    Will Atlas be bundled with VS.NET 2005?

  5. Jeff Parker says:

    Mike congratz, you were slashdotted if you didn’t know already. And BTW, I know your a big Doom fan, why haven’t we seen a review of the movie yet or the expansion pack. You have been awful quiet since you left GR.

  6. Thomas Lewis says:

    "Will Atlas be bundled with VS 2005?"

    – Atlas is currently available as a Community Preview at You can download an RTM-compatible .VSI file from the site that will work in Visual Studio 2005. This is not a released product at this time and is only meant for evaluation and for folks to provide feedback on it.

  7. rob douglas says:

    "Samuel: More information about the Express editions will be announced on November 7th during the product launch. Your questions will be answers then. "

    haha.. i think that means ‘yes, we will be accepting cash payments then’..

  8. Ken H. says:

    Is there any documentation of what changed from the Release Candidate handed out at the PDC?

  9. sam says:

    great, but running Visual Studio .NET 2002, 2003 on the same computer gives some problems that are still unanswered.

  10. DavidL says:

    I have the old Universal subscription level, so I had expected to be able to download the time limited trial version of Team Suite. Is that going to be available soon as well?

  11. David Mackey says:

    Eagerly looking forward to the Nov. 7th launch.

  12. Sandeep says:

    i live in nepal. so buying is off the option. guess i have to wait a whole year to be using vs 2005 then?

  13. sandeep says:

    can the beta release of vs express products can be used with final release of .net framework 2.?

  14. namek says:

    What’s the MD5 and SHA-1 for the Team Suite ISO?

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