WSYP Project: "We Share Your Pain"

A friend of mine pointed me to Microsoft U.K.'s very innovative WSYP Project. As someone who works closely with early adopters of our technology, I'm all for increasing the connection between our customers and the product team...especially, the individual developer. So, if you've ever wondered what happens when you press the Send Error Report button after an application failure, you need to watch the four minute video. And I need to check my chair tomorrow morning. 🙂

On a more serious note, if you are curious about Windows Error Reporting (WER), I encourage you to read How Windows Error Reporting Works. Until I learned how much we rely on this data, I used to ignore this dialog box. Now, however, I make a point of sending an error report each time.

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  1. mthree says:

    What always amazes me is how much customers and partners get from the WER and Microsoft Update system – we’ve discussed how Microsoft spends more than $40 million a year and a sizeable division on Windows Update. We’ve found that fixing 20 percent of the top-reported bugs can solve 80 percent of customer issues across the issues we’ve found on affected Windows platforms. Further, focusing on 1% of the bugs would address 50 percent of the customer issues. (more on this at the top level

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