Awesome Music Visualization and Screen Saver: G-Force

I'm always looking for great Media Player visualizations, and I ran across this one just before my trip to PDC05. If you've ever spent more time than you'd like to admit watching your hard drive defrag (I know I have), I think you'll find this even more mesmerizing. A company called SoundSpectrum produces both WhiteCap and G-Force; both are available as free downloads. Check out some of the screenshots. I originally thought that it leveraged the power of the GPU for these amazing visuals, but after reading their FAQ, I see that it has no special 3D hardware requirements.

I liked it so much that I bought the upgraded Platinum edition for $30 (which—among other things—adds a screen saver capability). You'd be surprised how many people have asked me about the screen saver on my laptop. I've come back to my machine and found people staring at the display. Now that I think about it, perhaps I can get SoundSpectrum to add a subliminal suggestion feature to their visuals. Imagine the possibilities. 🙂

I'd love to see a version of their product that takes advantage of Windows Presentation Foundation. I have to believe that the hardware acceleration alone would allow them to do some pretty stunning things. What about a feature that allows me to include my own custom XAML within their display? Sounds like a pretty wild possibility.

What other cool visualizations and screen savers are you guys aware of?

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  1. Edward says:

    It’s sad that the guy responsible for creating these visualisations has been stuck underwater for the last few years. It’s really awesome work, I’d love to see what else he comes up with.,1294,42870,00.html

  2. zzz says:

    If you had time to hunt for them (or make your own with the editor); Winamp’s AVS has offered equally pleasing visuals for a long long time.

    The only bad thing is that if you create those yourself and aren’t a maths guru, you end up creating easily very cpu hungry layered effects; not even the fastest x86 on earth is fast enough if you want to have high resolution and 60+ fps on the more complex effects 🙁

    No doubt there’s a plugin somewhere that makes those run in WMP too.

  3. dom says:

    this is sweet if i had money i would go for gold

  4. Si says:

    try "smear" or "acidspunk" for sonique. they are the 2 best visuals ive found. cheers, Si. xx

  5. mark milner says:

    I’m Not impressed, Window Vista is Reat close to having a Great visualization with there

    Ribbons screen saver. who has a GREAT program? anyone?THANKS mARK

  6. Freed says:

    I love the Electric Sheeps project. It’s completly free and since it is a community project, it has a ever growing library where you can participate. Check it out

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