Visual Studio 2005 RTM

After a very long product cycle, Visual Studio 2005 released to manufacturing today. This is an awesome release that includes a lot of great new functionality. Great job, Developer Division! The ISO files can be downloaded via MSDN Subscriber Downloads. If you want to know which versions are offered at different subscription levels, check out MSDN…


Macro Wallpaper 7: More Fallpaper

Here is another set of macro photographs that have been formatted for a 16:10 aspect ratio (1920 x 1200) to match my widescreen monitor. So that they’ll work with more “traditional” resolutions, I’ve also included links to 4:3 versions (1600 x 1200). As you can probably tell from the thumbnails below, these are images of…


Fontblog, TrueType Hinting, and More

Thanks to Marcelo for pointing out the recently established fontblog. There are already a number of informative posts that are worth checking out. Although the four minute TrueType hinting video is old, the technology is still interesting. If you’d like to know how ClearType achieves its magic, I’d recommend the ClearType Information page on our…


Introducing "Cider" – The Visual Studio Designer for WPF ("Avalon")

Via our friends at ActiveWin, a recently posted episode of MSDN TV features Mark Boulter and Mike Harsh giving an overview of “Cider,” the visual designer for Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly code-named “Avalon”) that will be part of a future version of Visual Studio. The 13-minute presentation includes a 10-minute demo where Mike shows the…


WSYP Project: "We Share Your Pain"

A friend of mine pointed me to Microsoft U.K.’s very innovative WSYP Project. As someone who works closely with early adopters of our technology, I’m all for increasing the connection between our customers and the product team…especially, the individual developer. So, if you’ve ever wondered what happens when you press the Send Error Report button…


PDC05 Sessions Online

If you were unable to attend the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2005 (PDC05) in Los Angeles this year, never fear; 209 breakout sessions, panels, and symposia are now available online. Each session includes a video of the presenter, a navigable index of the content, the PowerPoint presentation itself, and video of any demos. We’ll be…


Top 5 Show Off Videos

If you’ve been following my blog recently, or if you attended this year’s Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles, you’ve heard me mention Show Off more than a few times. Well, just today we received the results of the printed surveys that we handed out at the event. For those who couldn’t attend, the survey…


Awesome Music Visualization and Screen Saver: G-Force

I’m always looking for great Media Player visualizations, and I ran across this one just before my trip to PDC05. If you’ve ever spent more time than you’d like to admit watching your hard drive defrag (I know I have), I think you’ll find this even more mesmerizing. A company called SoundSpectrum produces both WhiteCap…


Working on the PDC05 Post-Show DVD Set

I’ve spent the past few days reviewing the first-cut of the PDC05 post-show DVD set, and I have to say that I’m very excited about what we’re going to deliver! Because I was part of the team that organized and ran this event, I only had time to attend a single session in Los Angeles….