Batman Begins

Wow. Overall, the reviews for Batman Begins have been good, but not out-of-this-world. Nevertheless, the trailer had me excited about this movie, and my wife and I went to see it tonight. I don't want to build up too many expectations, but I loved this movie! And for the record, I didn't like any of the other Batman films. I can't remember the last time I've been entertained like this. I was engrossed almost the whole time. The music was fantastic. The special effects must have looked real, because I don't remember even thinking about them. I decided about 3/4 of the way through that I would need to clap at the end, and I can't remember the last time I clapped at the end of a movie. If you see it, please see it in a theater with good sound. It'll make all the difference.

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  1. Dirk says:

    I hope the movie lives up to the dark tone of the trailer. And for the record: the last time I clapped at the end of a movie was Episode III.

  2. steven says:

    People actually do that? Clapping at the end of a movie, I mean. Never seen (or rather: heard) that happen. Who’s supposed to hear it anyway?

    Maybe it’s a US thing…

  3. Alexander says:

    I’m going to watch that movie too. The Batman-Story seems to be different approached this time, and not in that comic-style it was until now.

    Here in Austria we never clap at the end of a movie; maybe it’s a MS-Thing to do that ^^

  4. Tim Jones says:

    I live in the UK, and Batman Begins is the first film I’ve been to see at the cinema where the audience spontaneously applauded at the end of the film.

    And for the record, I was one of those applauding ;o)

  5. Travis Owens says:

    I just watched the movie last night (Thursday) and it’s actually rather decent. There are NO spoilers below!

    It’s dark, and while I’m not familiar with the details of "The Dark Knight" I would guess the new Batman character is in between the classic Batman movie from the late 80s and the darker more sinister Dark Knight, leaning towards the side of the Dark Knight.

    One thing to realize is that this movie was made as if the previous Batman flicks never existed, so don’t walk into the theater expecting a quirkly Bruce Wayne, or think that Katie Holmes is the new Vicki Vale. There’s almost never a scene where Katie Holmes is "the damsel in distress" which is very refreshing, it’s purely about Batman taking on the evil forces (gangsters? evil-do’ers?) at work.

    There are no serious plot twists, nor does the script attempt to lead itself that way. There is a very mild one at the end but you might not even notice it.

    I left the theater with mixed feelings as I had the wrong expectations walking into the movie but I can say without a doubt it was good, not a single corny scene and it’s never over the top or "X-Treme". The new SUV/Tank Batmobile is argueably a bit over the top but the story has a pretty decent reason why he is using this vehicle.

  6. Jeff says:

    Why dod people clap at the end? It make NO SENSE, no one from the movie is there! It makes no difference whether you clap or not!


  7. lynn eriksen says:

    Batman was very well done. One thing that I liked was they did a lot of character development with out making the movie slow, something that must have be difficult to write and film. Unlike the previous films, this one is actually about Bruce Wayne/Batman and not so much about the bad guys.

    I agree must see on big screen with good sound.

  8. lynn eriksen says:

    Correct, it’s not a prequel.

  9. Bruce says:

    Well, based largely on your recommendation (respecting your movie insight at least as much as your technology insight), as well as the trailer before Episode III, a few of us checked out the movie "over lunch". I have to say that it was a quite refreshing example of good storytelling combined with action and special effects. Batman Begins ends up being a very fitting title after they explain so much of the Batman backstory without getting all "hokey" like Episode III – granted Batman Begins is not touted as a "prequel" but has some of those elements. I won’t go into a "review" except to say it was well worth the price of admission and I would 2nd the "see it in a theater with good sound" suggestion – in fact I’d even say find an IMAX near you if possible.

  10. Patrick says:

    I have already seen the movie twice. Excellent movie!!!! Christian Bale is an excellent Bruce Wayne/Batman. The back story and development sets the stage for a better sequel. Everyone should refer to the Bob Kane/Frank Miller Batman and realize Nolan did them right. This movie was about Batman unlike the previous 1989 movie that should have been named the Joker. Hopefully WB will pay Nolan, Bale, Caine, Freeman and the rest to make the 2nd/3rd Installment. Possible titles Batman II the Dark Knight.

  11. TristanK says:

    Here here.

    I clapped at the end of Gladiator, and I’m not a movie clapper.

    I *very nearly* clapped at the end of Batman Begins, it’s the best movie I’ve seen in a long, long time.

  12. steve says:

    what a fantastic movie just been to see it. its probaly the best movie this year shame for the kids my freinds children had to leave half way into the film they got to scared oh well! about time we had a superhero movie for the older audience

  13. Paul W. says:

    As for Joker talk, the race is on. Familiar names drop by. I’m a little sick of Crispin Glover, but cult purists think he’s a shoe-in. Sam Rockwell might be a good Joker, and Paul Bettany could be fantastic. If they want a heavyweight, the choice is obvious: Johnny Depp. He’s a staple at Warners, would please Burton fanatics and would add about $100 million to the box office total.

  14. steve says:

    Regarding the joker. I hope they pick a nobody. So all we see is the Joker not a celebrity acting like the joker. So we will be sucked in to the character not the actor. Take for instant the new superman he’s some one we never heard of.

    I also think it would be wise to cast some one who is tall skin and has more of a theater background.

    To play the clown prince.  There are thousands of very talented nobody’s. Hollywood just needs to find one.

  15. Toymaster says:

    It doesn’t look like anyone has posted to this in a while but for those of you out there here is some new info. The Joker will be played by Heath Ledger and Harley Quinn is to be played by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

  16. rcalniklas says:

    Just saw the film and I am awe struck.  The multi-levels of experiences.  As an action film, good.  As a philosphical tome to current moral questions of good versus evil and how far does the good go to protect itself; excellent.  Showing true anarchy brought on by a criminal who could also be labeled a terrorist.  How far do we go to protect our culture, our mores?  And what of the casualties along the way?  Do we kill to prevent, do we torture to prevent & protect?  Where do we draw the line from being unprotected sheep to becoming facist ourselves.  A good film that is timely, well acted, and should be discussed by all who see an erosion of our liberties in the name of fear and security.

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