I apologize for the lack of recent posts, but my wife and I have been preparing for our relocation to the Redmond, Washington area, and we've been quite busy preparing for the move (we're flying out on January 29th). We've never had to relocate more than an hour away, and it's always been one of those "call up your friends, rent a truck, and have a moving party." This is a little bit different. Our "to do" list seems to keep growing and growing. Plus, we're trying to spend some time with family and friends, because it won't be nearly as easy to visit them from 1,770 miles away! We've been in Southwest Michigan for most of our lives, and our roots here are pretty deep. However, the closer we get to the actual move, the more excited we get.

I've been working remotely this week, and it's gone smoothly so far. I'm being introduced to people that I'll be spending a lot of time with, and I'm really looking forward to our future interaction. There have been a few technical hurdles related to switching my internal account between domains, but overall, no showstoppers (and perhaps more importantly, nothing I wasn't prepared for). I've started to read through the WinFX SDK documentation from the November CTP release, and it's made me even more excited about what we're doing with Avalon. I'm sure I'll be blogging about it a lot more down the road.

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  1. Scott Quibell says:


    I remember relocating 4 hours away. We had professional movers and their 18 wheeler but it was nothing like a cross country move. I know your excitement for sure… enjoy it.


  2. Hellsbellboy says:

    Good luck on the move Michael, I’ve moved a number of times while my family was in the US Air Force, it’s was always exciting and challenging. Best to you and your wife.

  3. Derek Beyer says:

    Where are you moving to? House, condo, apartment? In town, or way way way out?

  4. Derek…I’m moving into corporate housing for at least a little while. We’ll be looking to buy a house in the area as soon as possible. Fortunately, since my wife doesn’t have a job out there yet, she’ll be able to spend some time looking.

  5. You’ll love it in Seattle, I’m a native and have loved living here. I have helped many families relocate here, and after the initial sticker shock from rental and real estate prices you’ll settle right in. 🙂

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    that has tons of area info for around town. I have tons of people I refer to for moving services or just about anything else you can imagine, please let me know if I can help. My company does most of the relocation for microsoft and other major companies out here. I’m always happy to welcome another family to our fantastic city!

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