C# Edit and Continue Support in Visual Studio 2005

This is one of those things that I knew customers would be excited about, but I had to keep quiet. Sometimes that's tough to do with a feature that you know so many people are waiting for. Well, we announced today that C# now includes the same edit-and-continue support that's found in VB.NET. This feature was driven by feedback provided through the MSDN Product Feedback Center. It's the #2 request. I'm glad that we're prioritizing our changes based on direct customer feedback. The best news is that you'll be able to test-drive this feature in the next Community Technology Preview which is scheduled to become available sometime next week.

Update: 3 Leaf Solutions has published a MSDN article titled Using the Edit and Continue Feature in C# 2.0.

Comments (4)

  1. James Hancock says:

    I’ll say it again:


  2. James Hancock says:

    Now if we can only get a DateTimePicker in winforms that isn’t useless and thus supports nulls without that stupid check box, and the balloon tooltip fixed so that you can set the title and icon per control instead of globally for the extender only (which makes no sense) and a few other things that I have reported inthe beta I’d be really happy 🙂

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