The .NET Show: Connected Systems (and Chris Sells on .NET Rocks!)

There's a new two hour episode of The .NET Show on Connected Systems that features Don Box, Doug Purdy, Eric Schmidt, and Richard Turner. The talk discusses "how today's networking infrastructure can be utilized in order to create a Connected System environment, and why this is important." Since information is becoming more and more distributed and connectivity can almost be assumed—at least in the more common scenarios—this is a timely topic. Plus, as usual, the second half of the show features some coding demonstrations. Guess I know what I'll be doing for the next two hours...

Also, I've been catching up on past episodes of .NET Rocks! during my daily 40-minute commute. Since you can download all of the episodes, it's convenient to copy them to a digital audio player for easy listening in the car. The latest episode features Chris Sells as he talks about "Longhorn and WinFX, Longhorn features on XP, working on the MSDN Smart Client DevCenter, VS.NET 2005, learning about new technologies, learning by teaching, and Avalon." Whew! I'll be listening to this one tomorrow morning.

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