New William Shatner Album: Has Been

Hilarious! read that right...William Shatner has an album. Why didn't I know about this? I think William Shatner is a genius. He continually reinvents himself, and he isn't afraid to make fun of his career. I was at Best Buy today, and obviously, I didn't know about this, or I would have bought the album. If you're curious, listen to the interview at his site. Did anyone pick this up yet?

Update: MSN Music's Sound Check currently has a streaming version of the entire CD available for preview.

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  1. Jeff Atwood says:

    I listened to a lot of the album, which is available as a free sample on..


    the other day and I was actually impressed. I recommend you do the same!

  2. n4cer says:

    Also available from MSN Music.

    The "Sound Check" section has new music (listen to full CDs for most) every Tuesday.

  3. Rod Trent says:

    Oh yes! had it in my hands two days ago, and I’ve been listening ever since. Sure, there’s some funny moments, but overall its an awesome experience.

  4. jonpoon says:

    THIS is a great album!!! I’m gonna get it!

  5. gbcrvh says:

    Actually, I was in Virgin store today in London when I saw this album. I thought, what a joke and expected something boring. After listening album samples I just bought it 🙂 THis aslbum kicks ass. Perhaps it is because one would expect something much worse, but it is indeed good. Now, I’m browsing the net and looking what ppl have to say about it (while listening for the third time whole album) 🙂

  6. Gabble says:

    ……yes just listening to the CD now, got it today, threw it in the CD player and now I’m onto my third lilsten. Poignant is the first adjective to spring up. Maybe that’s a bit obvious. Shatner maybe slightly obsessed with what he may see as his impending demise (in more ways that one). But actually the moving songs are what keeps this moving, the Ben Folds backtrack makes it easy listening with a molten twist. I actually do care, although Shatner maybe thinks we don’t. He aint such a bad guy really, You know this is surprisingly good stuff, different in a good way. I ordered it online last week after a few too many, doing a search for any new Ben Folds stuff , so I placed the order, forgot about it and, as I say, it arrived today. Opening the package I suddenly recalled that I’d bought the thing. Bill, guess what, we’re glad you’re real.

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