Photo Story 3 Available for Download

We released the latest version of Photo Story yesterday, and it is now available for download for Windows XP users. If you’re like me, you probably have a hard drive full of digital photos that you’d like to make into an easy-to-download (or e-mail) slide show. Well, this free tool makes that process extremely simple….


Presentation Model Thoughts

I’m currently spending time on a user interface framework for the 2005 version (“Whidbey”) of Windows Forms. Yesterday, I tried to implement a version of Martin Fowler’s Presentation Model and incorporate it into my existing architecture. Part of my interest is based on the desire to remove as much user interface behavior from the view…


Unreal Engine 3 Overview and Half-Life 2 Review

As an avid magazine reader, I picked up a copy of Maximum PC’s 3D Gaming Tech Guide Special Issue: Fall 2004. If you’re interested in 3D gaming, this is an issue that’s worth purchasing. In addition to hardware and software reviews, there’s an excellent section called 3D Game Engines Exposed. They compare the engines for Unreal…


Half-Life 2 Has Gone Gold!

According to this Vivendi Universal Games press release, Valve Software’s Half-Life 2 has gone gold and should be in stores on November 16th. For those wondering when Steam users will be able to play all of their downloaded content, Shacknews reports that they’ll have to wait until November 16th too. Bummer. If you haven’t watched…


C# Edit and Continue Support in Visual Studio 2005

This is one of those things that I knew customers would be excited about, but I had to keep quiet. Sometimes that’s tough to do with a feature that you know so many people are waiting for. Well, we announced today that C# now includes the same edit-and-continue support that’s found in VB.NET. This feature…


The Google Desktop

A beta version of the Google Desktop is available for download that enables you to search through all of your Outlook/Outlook Express, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, text, and AOL Instant Messenger files and data. It even searches through your Internet Explorer browser cache so you can view matching web pages when you’re not online. As an added…


The .NET Show: Connected Systems (and Chris Sells on .NET Rocks!)

There’s a new two hour episode of The .NET Show on Connected Systems that features Don Box, Doug Purdy, Eric Schmidt, and Richard Turner. The talk discusses “how today’s networking infrastructure can be utilized in order to create a Connected System environment, and why this is important.” Since information is becoming more and more distributed and…


Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 Service Pack 1

Here’s a release that will make many of you very, very happy. If you’ve installed Windows XP Service Pack 2 as a guest operating system in a virtual machine, you’ve no doubt noticed that the performance of the virtual machine is incredibly poor (and I’m being nice). Well, you can now download Virtual PC 2004…


Macro Wallpaper 3: Fallpaper

For those that requested some fall-themed macro photos for wallpaper, here you go. They’re not quite up to my normal standards, but I have a feeling you’ll like them anyway. Each image is 1280 x 1024 and weighs in at around 230KB in size. I hope you enjoy them. By the way, if you missed…


ASP.NET Module to Resolve Canonicalization Issue

We’ve released an ASP.NET ValidatePath Module that takes care of the recent canonicalization issues that were initially reported on NTBugtraq. If you’re not familiar with the vulnerability, you can read about it on our security site. The two solutions that we’re currently recommending can be found in knowledge base articles 887289 and 887459. If you run…