Microsoft Physics Illustrator for Tablet PC

Okay…I don’t have a Tablet PC to run this on, so I’m not sure if this is the application I saw demonstrated by Microsoft Research awhile back, but if it is, it’s very cool. Here’s the brief description of the Microsoft Physics Illustrator for Tablet PC: “Bring your drawings to life with the Physics Illustrator, a motion simulator for the Tablet PC. Simply draw two-dimensional bodies, connect them in various ways and apply forces, then watch as animation makes the bodies move, collide, and interact.” Just the kind of thing for a geek’s Tablet, and oh-so-satisfying to play around with. Enjoy!

Comments (4)

  1. Howard Hoy says:

    Physics Illustrator for Tablet PC is indeed very cool. It only took a couple of seconds to install and another couple of seconds to create this. What fun!!!

  2. Eric Maino says:

    This is a really neat application and I shouldn’t have looked at your blog tonight :-(. It is 3:38 and I just wasted an hour playing with this on my new tablet, when I should have been doing (a.k.a starting) my software architecture HW for CS 450 that is due at 8:30. Well I guess I better get moving on this so I can get an hour of sleep or so.

  3. Manuel Vuelta says:

    I could see a demonstration using Phisics Illustrator and I could see this tool is very interesting to teach phisic. But I haven’t Tablet PC. I have a portable computer and an Interactive Board.

    It will be great to know if is possible to use it in a PC. If the answer is YES, where can I download it and where is the information to set up?

  4. Chuck D. says:

    I know these replies are quite old but, jump on hypercube ( ) and you’ll find out how to use the Physics Illustrator on your computer.

    Works fine for me, i’m actually reprogramming some parts of the application…