Windows Media Player 10 and MSN Music

If you haven’t already heard, we’ve released Windows Media Player 10 (for Windows XP only), and the beta of MSN Music is also available. Read more from Dan Crevier, Mike Hall, and our PressPass article. For interested developers, download the Windows Media Player 10 SDK.

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  1. Jeff Parker says:

    You know I seen this, and was excited, unfortunately, I run win2k at work. Looks like I got to wait till I get home to check it out. are they planning a win2k release? Any Ideas? And did they make a plug in yet to plug it into VS so I can listen to my tunes while coding with ease? I think one of these days I got to write that myself.

    The SDK is nice, but I was kind of disapointed it is still all active X but the SDK has some quick easy sample code.

    But just from reading the sdk it doesn’t look like much changed on that side of things from vb 6 C++ days, hence my disapointment. But as far as the user experience I am sure it kicks some ass, I just wish I could see it now instead of waiting till I get home. Media player has always been my player of choice.

  2. Jeff Parker says:

    Arrg Mike where that bug reporting site for MS, Very disapointed so many bugs found in first 15 minutes, I have 12 so far written down. Most Minor and with the UI. One Setup bug had to install it 2 times cause first time through set up told me I was Missing a dll here on XP SP2 and running the setup again may correct this problem. So I ran it again no error, but I have found some red Xs where buttons should be, or something should be besides a big red X. Also some visualization are messed up, Or maybe older ones just don’t work like the new ones. Especially in full screen mode. But in full screen mode the older ones don’t go full screen with a toolbar that apears, and if you are in a new one and the tool bar is there and you start switching visualizations when you hit a older visualization you freeze and are stuck there, Music don’t quit playing double click and go back to normal mode your fine again but older visual will work in older way as menthioned. And where the heck did my bass go. had to go in and adjust the base cause everything sounded tinny at first.

    However people always go to the negative right away. I have had some fun with it. Snoop Doggy Dog really looks cool with the Musical Colors : Ice Crystals Theme.

    MSN RADIO!!!!!!!!! Ok now this was impresive, I wish they would let you listen to visualizations which the songs are playing with like a quick flip button to the album or purchase songs. But impressive none the less, A definate bonus to Windows media player, I always like that radio station guide in the older Media player but this one has better stations. Unfortunately there are a fiew bugs found here too but it is beta

    Movies & TV, ok to pull up all the movies in my area with showtimes, click a button and watch the trailer and stuff. Oh now that is nice, Havent tried the buy tickets right through them yet but another nice feature.

    So anyway to sum it up Yeah found some UI bugs and glitches mainly with the older stuff and how I used to use Media Player but some of the new features are sweet to say the least.

  3. Yeah, I saw one of the bugs you mentino, Jeff. The red X in the upper-right is for the logo of the music service. It appears as though no logo shows up for MSN Music. If you switch to another service, you will see a logo in place of the red X. I haven’t noticed the bass difference on mine, but I’ll have to play something to check.

  4. Vinay Lohar says:

    The windows media player 10 has a good interface. However it does not contain most of the codecs required to view formats like wmv or avi. I wonder what makes microsoft leave loop holes in whatever they do. I think microsoft should rethink about integrating Audio and Video formats. This increases the time required to play any of the supported files.

    Windows Media Player is far better than other freeware programs such as RealPlayer, MPlayer, Nullsoft’s Winamp, and Apple Computer’s QuickTime and iTunes. However some players like RADLIGHT and FreeMediaPlayer are much more impressive although they do not support audio formats.

    Lets hope that Windows Media Player 11 also called ‘ Polaris’ is faster and has all the required codecs to support WMV, ASF and AVI formats.

  5. met says:

    I can’t get a folder view for any cds (with mp3s on it). Am I alone on this?

    I can play the songs alright, but I can’t ‘expand’ the folders to see the song list. Not in the library, nor in the "Now Playing" screen.

    I am liking the release, otherwise.

  6. Matt says:

    Not sure if it’s just WMP 10, but when setting the volume slider to a low volume setting, then clicking the seek bar to jump to elsewhere in the song / movie the sound resets to some much louder volume.


  7. randall says:

    i like the new WMP but it seems to be missing an old school favorite visualization…

    does anyone know where i can download the Musical Colors: Night Lights visualization?

  8. Andy says:

    Can someone tell me that when playing video on WMP 10 I get sound but a black screen. I can’t find out if I need to download any Codecs to resolve the problem.

  9. Alan says:

    Can someone tell me how to import the old school visualization called "Musical Colors: Night Falls" to WMP 9?? I like that visualization so much..

  10. Kathleen Blinn says:

    Would like to know can I export the .dll visualizations from wmp 8/9 to 10

    Hate the way 10 looks


  11. I have tried everything going to get my sound back with windows media player to no avail. Is there anybody out there that has the answer?

  12. Ramona Gates says:

    I cannot view videos on media player 10.  I have windows xp.  all I get is a red x in upper left hand corner where video is.  Help please

  13. Richard W. Byman says:

    I love the way the media player looks, but I don’t have my favorite visualization. Can anyone tell me where to find and download the ambient vis for my media player?


  14. Sal F. says:

    Can someone tell me how to import the old school visualization called "Musical Colors: Night Falls" to WMP 9??

  15. Dan says:

    I don’t burn/rip music very often.  I downloaded music 2 years ago from Music Downloads (Walmart) and burned them to a lightscribe CD.  No problem.  I did the same thing this week, but now I have 2 problems:

    1.  The order of the playlist is NOT what is being burned.  It keeps burning the list in alphabetical order by artist – not my playlist.

    2.  My cd plays on my computer and in my car, but NOT in my CD player.  NOT in my CD home stereo.

    (remember – the FIRST set of cds I had no problem with either one of these 2 things)

    any suggestions?

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