From the capable group at Vertigo Software (the same folks who produced the venerable IBuySpy and Quake II .NET) comes FotoVision, a suite of applications that allow you to organize and manipulate digital photos and share them on a web site. A full Windows Forms desktop client is provided, along with an ASP.NET web site that exposes some Web Services, and a Pocket PC application that leverages the .NET Compact Framework. Additionally, there are a number of good white papers that explain the architecture and technology behind the solutions. And if that isn’t enough, the full source code for all three applications is provided in Visual Basic .NET (included in the installation).

These applications are well-architected and represent a lot of qualified design, and I would recommend them as great learning tools. Even if you’re not interested in the underlying technology, the applications are very easy to use and are a powerful solution for easily sharing your digital photos. Oh…did I mention that all of this is free?

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  1. While I think Fotovision is a great reference application, I just get frustrated when companies don’t support existing, free, open source community projects such as nGallery (, where they could have contributed the Winform app and Pocket PC app and still shown off their abilities, implementation, etc…

    Oh well.

  2. Ken Cox [MVP - ASP.NET] says:

    Who is the wistful young woman in that screenshot?

    I wonder if she will ever become as famous as Nancy Davolio?


  3. Ben Lowery says:

    Jason, I totally agree. The first thing I thought when I say fotovision was "wow, neat". The second was "why didn’t they work with ngallery on this?". If you’re going to do something and do it for free, at least work with the community.

  4. Winthrop Chan says:

    I did a quick install of FotoVision and have to agree. Wow. Nice idea. A few things I wish nGallery did, but lacked other features that nGallery did very well.

    Wonder if they mind if nGallery just takes the Windows client app and modifies it to work with nGallery. It would save ALOT of time development-wise.

  5. From the capable group at Vertigo Software (the same folks who produced the venerable IBuySpy and Quake

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