Make Your Own Mini-Galaga

Inspired by the Paper Arcade that I've posted about twice now, I decided to try my hand at creating one of my favorites: Galaga. I owe thanks to Namco, Arcade Art, and everyone who helped create the original Paper Arcade. This is my first attempt, and I hope it can be refined. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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  1. John Gibbs says:

    Looks very nice. Interesting, SharpReader popped up it’s alert window informing me of your post at the same moment at which I had found a paper version of Bill Gates’ house (via must be a sign :).

    Having Bill’s house on your desk might be kind of interesting:

  2. Fabrice says:

    Do you know of a Galaga port to Windows? I would enjoy playing it again!

  3. Bruce says:

    Very cool – I always think it is great when people "give back" to the Internet and add to the cool stuff out there rather than just being consumers. And a very nice job on the model, and giving credit (and "trackback") to the site that got you started.

    Since the whole paper model / folding topic is out there, I worked on a few paper models this winter with my son. There are some other cool ones out there, I’ll just point to a few.

    Star Wars Inspired ( ) Free

    NASA/Spacecraft ( ) Free

    and Fiddler’s Green – Buildings / Aircraft ( ) Small Cost – we made the Castle and the World Trade Center

  4. Fabrice:

    Other than MAME and some of the commercial offerings, there are a few classic games (like Defender, Robotron, and Sinistar) available at the site:

  5. Cory Smith says:

    Cool! Now I can have one on the desk in front of me… and the real one sitting behind me 😀

    Excellent job so far. I would recommend updating the control panel though to have the buttons and joystick (right now, it looks like there’s some sort of a cutout patter for them).

  6. Cory:

    Oops! Good catch. That happened to me a number of times while I was working with the file in Illustrator. Seems that my button layer kept going to the back of the stack. I’ve regenerated the images for you. Thanks again!

  7. Alex says:

    How are you making the models? I have so many 3d models of arcade games that I want to make paper models of. Is there some special program I need? I tried Pepakura Designer but it doesen’t work it right.

    If you can help that would be great and I would of course share them.

  8. Alex:

    I only made this one model, because Galaga wasn’t available in the first set that was released. I used Adobe Illustrator and exported the file from there. Since then, other models have been released:

  9. No, these three items don’t have anything to do with each other. And I hate to admit that I’m using a…

  10. TRON3 says:

    I wish someone would make classics like Space Invaders, Berzerk, TRON, Zaxxon, etc.

  11. This past Thursday evening, Ray Winninger, Jennifer Ritzinger, Arthur Yasinski, and I met Steve Wiebe

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